Afghan lady Cop kills NATO adviser at Kabul police HQ

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    The Taliban are changing their tactics. There are more insider attacks on US and NATO personnel now.

    Afghan lady cop kills NATO adviser at Kabul police HQ
    Kabul: In a first incident of its kind, a female member of Afghanistan security forces shot dead an American military adviser of NATO forces on Monday.
    The shooting took place inside Kabul police headquarters, according to a BBC report.
    The policewoman has been detained and she is suspected to have links with Taliban. :tsk:
    The NATO military command said it was looking into reports of the shooting but had no independent information.

    The string of insider attacks is one of the greatest threats to NATO's mission in the country, endangering a partnership key to training up Afghan security forces and withdrawing international troops.
    In September, the US had halted training for local police recruits because of increasing “insider attacks”.
    More than 50 international troops have been killed by Afghan soldiers or police this year, and a number of other assaults — insider attacks as they are known — are still under investigations. NATO forces, due to mostly withdraw from the country by 2014, have speeded up efforts to train and advise Afghan military and police units before the pullout.


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