Afghan and Foreign Forces kill 60 militants near Pak border

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    INS Arihant
    KABUL: Afghan troops backed by Western air power killed at least 60 militants near the Pakistan border, Afghanistan's intelligence agency said on Wednesday, in one of the biggest single assaults against the Taliban-linked Haqqani network.
    US officials say Washington has intensified its drive against the network in an attempt to deal a lasting blow to the militants in Afghanistan before foreign combat forces depart this year.
    About 300 Haqqani insurgents and foreign fighters came under intensive fire on Monday when they tried to storm Afghan bases in Ziruk district of Paktika province, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a statement.
    The Nato-led international force declined to comment.
    The Haqqani network, which professes obedience to Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, is believed to have been involved in some of the most deadly attacks of the Afghan war.
    The group has been blamed for attacks on hotels popular with foreigners in Kabul, the bombing of the Indian embassy in the capital, a 2011 attack on the US embassy and several big attempted truck bombings.
    The United States blacklisted the group as a terrorist organisation in 2012. It also accuses Pakistan's powerful spy agency of supporting the network and using it as a proxy in Afghanistan to gain leverage against growing influence of its India. Pakistan denies that.

    Monday's battle occurred in the southeast province of Paktika which shares a long and porous border with lawless areas in Pakistan where foreign fighters and the Haqqani network are believed to be based.
    Insurgents pledged to disrupt this month's presidential election with a campaign of violence, but the vote passed off relatively peacefully.
    As the country readies for an expected second round run-off in June, there is concern the conditions will be more favourable for militant attacks.

    Afghan and foreign forces kill 60 near Pakistan border - World - DAWN.COM
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    Good. Pakis must be whining their guts out all over the internet as this hit to their H&D.
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    The title should be --> "Afghan and Foreign Forces kill 60 Paki militants near Pak border "

    Afganistan can do Gazwa-e-Pak.
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    Were these attackers from within Afghanistan running towards Pakistan Border. Were these attackers coming from the Pakistan Border. Either way another feather in the hat that is being added to the shame of Pakistan. The Afgans put a bullet in their heads - that means technically Pakistan and Afghanistan had a clash and Afghanistan clearly won (with the help of others).

    It also reminds me of Hot-Pursuit - whenever the Pakistan "porus" border has such incidents my first inclination is to see if the armed forces from Afghanistan entered into Pakistan (where the terrorists usually retreat in skirmishes).

    Hot pursuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Lionel Beehner (Winter 2011). "Can nations 'pursue' non-state actors across borders?"

    p110- 111

    I wonder if Pakistan knows what it is happening and what everyone is doing even from news like Afgans take down the terrorists near the Pakistan border. All the times the Pakis shout to others and tell them "do not infringe sovereignty and international law and national identity of Islamic State of Pakistan" still Pakistan international reputation and sovereignty is questioned. One has read and heard and it is customary acceptable that Pakistan sponsor state terrorism if not they have non-state actors they have no control over (the sovereignty of Pakistan is question).

    Everyone already know how America has diminished Pakistan worth and value in international law and national sovereignty. The significance and implications of Pakistan are too many - the better statement that needs to come from Pakistan would be "so what".
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    militants are being hemmed back into pakistan by it's neighbours....good news

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