A very interesting Chinese word: Diao-Si

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    This word in China become so popular that it become a daily words used even among public figures, it is a term to describe sore losers, but in a much broad meanings.

    The meaning of this word come from a little dirty background, basically means the one who cannot afford to have sex.

    And the formal definition about Diao-Si is (which means you are diao-si if you fit into any of the following):
    1) The one who dont have a good paid job;
    2) The one who dont own a property >=100 M^2 in the city; (property price in China is 2X than that in London);
    3) The one who dont own a good car ( in China car is very expensive due to very high tax, the government actually discourage car-ownship, thats why in China the price of a Benz S600 is higher than a Faerrri 50 in the US).
    4) The one who works overtime.
    5) Eat garbage fast food etc.
    6) Have less than 1 million RMB (170K USD) in your bank account.

    Following this standard, based on my personal experience, I believe most west people are fit into the definition of diao-si perfectly well, they dont own property(I know alot of sore west losers who rent houses for their entire miserable life), their cars are crap and they eat garbage fast food (which they eat daily), and have a bank account with more than 5000USD is considered rich in the poor crap west .:rofl:

    The even funnier joke is these sore losers believe their life is in heaven and developed:rofl:, which gives you a nice indication about who are get brain-washed, I guess it is easier to brainwash somebody who are brain-dead.:rofl:
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