A very difficult Indian Delhi High school economic question. Who can answer it correc

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    Country A and country B exchange rate is 1:6, a product C is cost 11 dollars of country B currency.
    Country A economy is in inflation, more than 10% of the money were issue, meanwhile social productivity increased by 20%, How many product C can be sold out by using 20 dollars of country A currency?

    A child's abnormal high school economy study questions .

    This is a questions in Indian High school economy exam from my nephew, i was stun during first time i saw this. i am proud to be an Indian, since our high school examination is so abnormal difficult and sophisticated compare to the less of the world. How you think about this question? Please feel free to give your solution and comments. Actually i already got my answer, i just want to know how many of you can answer it correctly. Thank you.
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    first of all, please visit the below forum and introduce yourself.

    Introductions & Greetings


    I see that you have posted the same question in answers.yahoo.com and other defense forums as well,

    to be honest with you, i am not a mathematician and this is not a mathematics forum. this is defense forum of India. here we talk about any thing that is related to our security, freedom, terrorism and challenges etc. we debate about weapons, politics, internal security, foreign relation, armed forces and much much more

    here, we do not help school kids to do their homework. I think you are at the wrong forum. anyways, I am really happy to see another 'Proud Indian' on this forum.
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    I think you have to use the exchange rate given as stated. The inflation and social productivity rate are not tied to a specific time in the problem. Must the answer be in whole units of product, or a fractional amount?
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    social productivity is to be ignored. dont know about inflation because it can have impact on currency.

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