8-year-old girl allegedly starved to death

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    8-year-old girl allegedly starved to death

    TAIWAN police are investigating abuse claims after an 8-year-old girl who weighed just 8 kilograms was allegedly starved to death, investigators said yesterday.

    The girl’s mother, identified only by her family name Hsu, took the child to hospital late last month, saying she had stopped breathing after hitting her head in the bath.

    The child, who had bedsores and minor bruises around her eyes, died in hospital after emergency treatment failed to revive her. The hospital reported the suspected abuse to police.

    The girl was suffering from severe malnutrition, police said. Her weight was that of an average 1 year old, roughly one-third that of a normal 8 year old. She was also much shorter for her age at just 90 centimeters.

    Suspicions of abuse were further aroused after it was found the girl had never gone to school and had not sought any medical treatment since she was vaccinated at 2 years old, when she weighed 6 kilograms.

    Hsu denied abusing her child and said she planned to send the girl to school after she got healthier, according to police.

    8-year-old girl allegedly starved to death | Shanghai Daily

    One wonders why the parents did this.

    There must be some good reason why it happened.

    What could be those?

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