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  1. Indian Defence

    - Discussion on Indian military and armed forces. No political topics permitted
    1. Discuss the Indian Air Force doctrine. Induction of fighters, helicopters and other military aircraft. Technical comparison of Radar systems and AEW&C

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      HAL Light Combat Helicopter... Go to last post

      by Pulkit

      19-04-14, 02:57 PM

    2. Discussion on Indian Army's war-fighting capabilities and operational readiness. Procurement of small arms, artillery and armoured fighting vehicles.

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      M777 Guns Would Cost Indians... Go to last post

      by Patriot

      19-04-14, 12:01 PM

    3. Transformation of the Indian Navy into a blue water force. Assets to include Indigenous Aircraft Carriers, Nuclear submarines, Stealth frigates, Destroyers

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      INS Shivalik Wins 'Oscars Of... Go to last post

      by Neil

      19-04-14, 11:47 AM

    4. Covers missiles and missile defence, cyber-security and network centric warfare, Space and Nuclear assets along with other leading edge military technology

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      Reviewing India's Nuclear... Go to last post

      by Immanuel

      18-04-14, 02:47 PM

    5. To discuss the indigenous defence industry, war gaming, military scenarios and any topics that don't fit in other subfora

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      Why not sell light weaponary... Go to last post

      by laughingbuddha

      19-04-14, 12:50 AM

  2. Indian Affairs

    - Political, economic and non-military analysis to promote Indian national interest
    1. Issues affecting Indian internal security like militancy in Kashmir, the Maoist/Naxalite insurgency and events causing ethnic/religious strife.

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      Should JnK map be redrawn... Go to last post

      by Pratap

      18-04-14, 11:26 PM

    2. Discuss Indian domestic politics, legislative, legal issues and any event having a beneficial/detrimental effect on society as a whole.

      • Threads: 5,027
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      Don't talk about money when... Go to last post

      by A chauhan

      19-04-14, 03:00 PM

    3. Debate the effectiveness of Indian diplomacy and foreign relations. Discuss future alliances and memberships in international organizations.

      • Threads: 1,839
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      Indo-Iran Relations Go to last post

      by Illusive

      19-04-14, 02:48 PM

    4. Information on Indian cultural, literary, religious and spiritual traditions which have transcended their traditional boundaries.

      • Threads: 799
      • Posts: 26,498

      Kingdom of Christ in India! Go to last post

      by jus

      19-04-14, 01:09 PM

    5. Emergence of India as a global economic power. Discuss monetary policy, infrastructure development and membership in international economic organizations.

      • Threads: 1,759
      • Posts: 26,965

      GenZe, Mahindra India's... Go to last post

      by Srinivas_K

      18-04-14, 11:01 PM

  3. Country Watch

    - Analysis on countries of significant interest to India with a focus on China and Pakistan
    1. Stabilisation, Security and Defence of Afghanistan and its implication on Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent

      • Threads: 83
      • Posts: 984

      Arming the Afghan National... Go to last post

      by Pulkit

      18-04-14, 07:14 PM

    2. Rise of China as a major military power and it's implications. Information on political, economic and other non-military affairs related to China.

      • Threads: 4,279
      • Posts: 76,816

      China recognises NaMo as... Go to last post

      by Ray

      19-04-14, 12:37 PM

    3. Emergence of Pakistan as a global hub of terrorist activities. Discussion on its deteriorating internal stability, economic status and social fabric.

      • Threads: 3,796
      • Posts: 62,543

      Pakistani Policeman slaps... Go to last post

      by laughingbuddha

      19-04-14, 02:55 PM

  4. World Defence

    - Discuss military hardware used by armed forces. No political discussion permitted
    1. Infantry, armoured vehicles, artillery, small arms and other land-based systems and forces

      • Threads: 269
      • Posts: 14,975

      Tank Guns and Ammunition Go to last post

      by 313230

      19-04-14, 08:32 AM

    2. Fighters, Bombers Air Transport and other Military Aircraft. Air Defence Systems and Radars

      • Threads: 444
      • Posts: 11,745

      Russian Airforce News &... Go to last post

      by cobra commando

      16-04-14, 03:39 PM

    3. Surface and Sub-surface warfare. Aircraft carriers, Submarines, Naval technology, Naval Strategy, Tactics and Doctrine.

      • Threads: 256
      • Posts: 2,049

      Silent sub: Russian noiseless... Go to last post

      by cobra commando

      17-04-14, 02:32 PM

  5. World Affairs

    - Geopolitical and non-Military events of global significance. Divided according to geography
    1. Political, Economic, and non military Developments in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American Countries.

      • Threads: 1,920
      • Posts: 19,135

      USA military developments Go to last post

      by prohumanity

      17-04-14, 06:42 AM

    2. Developments in Europe and Russia. Discuss formation of the European Union, ongoing financial crisis and the resurgence of Russia after the Soviet collapse

      • Threads: 1,465
      • Posts: 14,996

      Massive Russian Military... Go to last post

      by happy

      19-04-14, 02:49 PM

    3. Issues and events in West Asia and African continent, including Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ongoing crisis in Syria and possible future conflict in Iran.

      • Threads: 1,774
      • Posts: 22,076

      Uganda Seeks India's... Go to last post

      by laughingbuddha

      18-04-14, 03:47 PM

    4. Developments in the Indian Subcontinent and the Indian Ocean, India being the dominant player. Central Asian countries are included

      • Threads: 858
      • Posts: 13,290

      Pakistan and the Sunni Gulf Go to last post

      by Compersion

      17-04-14, 05:33 PM

    5. Discuss the impact of an assertive of China on East Asia and ASEAN countries, NoKo-SoKo conflict and affairs in Pacific Rim countries including Australasia.

      • Threads: 834
      • Posts: 9,575

      Two Russian jets 'breach'... Go to last post

      by amoy

      15-04-14, 05:34 PM

    6. Discussion of international politics and events having global significance/repercussions

      • Threads: 2,167
      • Posts: 16,460

      BRICS wrangle over new... Go to last post

      by amoy

      16-04-14, 01:19 PM

  6. General Forums

    - Sub-forums are self explanatory
    1. Pictures, videos and other multimedia related to the military

      • Threads: 692
      • Posts: 22,717

      The Glorious Army of Hind:... Go to last post

      by Kunal Biswas

      19-04-14, 12:57 PM

    2. Trace the history of conflict from the Ancient period, the two World Wars and the Modern Era

      • Threads: 387
      • Posts: 7,529

      Netaji Subhas Chandra... Go to last post

      by Peter

      19-04-14, 02:57 PM

    3. Share pictures, artwork, photography, videos, and other media, both personal and the work of others.

      • Threads: 731
      • Posts: 13,300

      Formula One (F1) Go to last post

      by cobra commando

      19-04-14, 02:35 PM

  7. Community

    - Relax and talk about any topic that doesn't fit in existing categories
    1. Introduce yourself, make new friends and take part in forum activities.

      • Threads: 1,472
      • Posts: 31,014

      Hello DFI-vaasi Go to last post

      by bose

      19-04-14, 07:29 AM

    2. Forum for lighthearted general discussion and chat.

      • Threads: 3,259
      • Posts: 75,406

      Failed Terrorist State of... Go to last post

      by tramp

      19-04-14, 02:35 PM

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