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  • Featured Opinion Strategy

    Anti access /Area Denial- India and the Elephant in the room.

    A wake up call Part 1-Detection. “The success of any major operation or campaign depends on the free movement of one’s forces in the theater. Without the ability to conduct large-scale movements on land, at sea, and in the air, operational warfare is essentially an empty concept.” -Dr. Milan Vego For long warfare as been about two basic types of strategy 1) Total domination/ Sea Control/ Air space supremacy. 2) Guerilla warfare/ Sea Denial/ Air space denial. The Peoples republic […]

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  • Geopolitics India’s Ocean

    India’s Ocean

    Two Chinese submarines docking in Colombo finally woke up India from its slumber. It rang alarm bells in the corridors of power and strategic community and forced the government to take notice of the tentacles the Chinese were spreading over the Indian Ocean Region. Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Mauritius, Seychelles and Sri Lanka is part of this “awakening”. India has now signed agreements to develop one island each in Seychelles and Mauritius. The Island nations of Sri Lanka, Maldives, […]

    About Yusuf Unjhawala

    Businessman by profession but always fascinated with defence and strategic affairs. Editor, India Defence Analysis. Admin,

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  • Opinion Strategy Warfare Building Fortress Andaman, Lessons from Taiwan

    Building Fortress Andaman, Lessons from Taiwan

    BUILDING FORTRESS ANDAMAN, LESSONS FROM TAIWAN – Soumik Pyne The importance of the beautiful union territory of Andaman and Nicobar as a strategic outpost for India in the Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal region far exceeds its size and population, the territory sits adjacent to some of the busiest sea lanes on Earth and overlooks the key entry points for all shipping into the IOR. The fact remains that the Andaman Islands are possibly the only choke point Indian forces can […]

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