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  • Opinion Strategy Warfare Building Fortress Andaman, Lessons from Taiwan

    Building Fortress Andaman, Lessons from Taiwan

    BUILDING FORTRESS ANDAMAN, LESSONS FROM TAIWAN – Soumik Pyne The importance of the beautiful union territory of Andaman and Nicobar as a strategic outpost for India in the Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal region far exceeds its size and population, the territory sits adjacent to some of the busiest sea lanes on Earth and overlooks the key entry points for all shipping into the IOR. The fact remains that the Andaman Islands are possibly the only choke point Indian forces can […]

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  • Geopolitics Strategy Countering China’s Repeated Aggression

    Countering China’s Repeated Aggression

    Once again just before a high level bilateral visit, the Chinese intruded into India. Last year it was in Depsang before the visit of Chinese PM to India. Earlier they provoked India by issuing stapled visas to people from Jammu and Kashmir which mean it didn’t recognize the state as integral part of India and they do the same with Arunachal Pradesh. China has made it a point to provoke India every time there is bilateral visit. Last year the […]

    About Yusuf Unjhawala

    Businessman by profession but always fascinated with defence and strategic affairs. Editor, India Defence Analysis. Admin,

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  • Geopolitics US Navy’s role in the Arctic

    US Navy’s role in the Arctic

    Due to the geographical conditions, it is the US Navy which plays the most important role in shaping US military presence in the Arctic. Its task is to protect US strategic interests in this part of the World and to preserve peace and stability throughout the whole Arctic Ocean, despite tense events, which may take place. In order to fulfill those tasks, USN will have to use an extensive set of tools, among which the most important will be: increasing […]

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