1. BabaKhalbali

    2023 G20 Summit, New Delhi, India

  2. Suryavanshi

    CHEETAh to be reintroduced in India on 17 th September.
  3. Haldilal

    Skycraper and Highrises in India

    Ya'll Nibbiars After getting Premanent Banned from the Sky Scraper City for using the word Ya'll Nibbiars and at with the frequent request of @ezsasa Nibba I am making this thread here. Will post all the News and details regarding High Rises, Skyscraper Development in the Country here. And...
  4. Tshering22

    Discussion | India, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and the future of this region

    This thread here is to discuss everything related to Central Asia and our renewed focus on how we can do more stuff with them than we did before. There are a few things to take note of that happened recently: We invited the presidents of the 5 'Stans The 'Stans prioritized India's invitation...
  5. Tshering22

    1839 struggle by Tai Khamti is India’s first war of independence: Arunachal Deputy CM

    The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 may not be India’s first war of independence. The first such war, not recognised by Indian history, took place in 1839 between the Tai Khamti people and the British. The theatre of this war was some 2,400 km east of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh where the mutiny began...
  6. FalconSlayers

    The Copycat of the Subcontinent

    The Copycat of the Subcontinent In this article we’ll analyse the claims of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s domestic weapons Research and Development programme and how “domestic” are they by analysing their various copied systems. Pakistan’s Missile Programme NASR: NASR is a short range...
  7. FalconSlayers

    Tokyo Olympics 2020

  8. Light Combat Helicopter

    Light Combat Helicopter

  9. FalconSlayers

    Why India Needs a Blue Water Navy?

    For years it has been a proven fact that a maritime state enjoys greater economic benefits as compared to a land-locked one. A coastline offers a window to trade with the world, create maritime industries, harvest fish and minerals from its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and exercise what is...
  10. FalconSlayers

    Pakistani media on India

    In this thread we will post and discuss what Pakistani media feeds into the brains of porkis, and we should be aware of what is going inside a Pakistani’s minds. Pak propaganda video 1.
  11. Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter

    Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter

    TEDBF model
  12. Poseidon

    Pakistan's naval buildup is quite concerning.

    I know that I will get some flak for saying this but this buildup of sorts of Pakistan Navy is quite concerning. This is what Pak Navy chief said today->> > 4 x Type-054AP frigates under construction (delivery 2021-23) > 4 x MILGEM ships under construction (del 2023-25) > 1 x Jinnah-class...
  13. utubekhiladi

    BREAKING: Live updates: Trump says he and First Lady have tested positive for the coronavirus

    President Trump announced in a tweet early Friday morning that he and First Lady Melania Trump had both tested positive for the novel coronavirus. “We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately," he wrote. "We will get through this TOGETHER!” The news came just hours after it...
  14. utubekhiladi


    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly face of CHINA - UNMASKED This Thread will contains Articles, clippings, documentaries, News collected from open sources which will expose the true face of CCP and CHINA. Here is the appetizer. CCP Method: Chinese Communist Party’s global agenda—coronavirus...