Segmented approach will not solve terrorism: India to UK

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    LONDON: India has asked Britain not to carry out a "segmented approach" towards terrorists as there was nothing like "a good or bad terrorist".

    Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj held her first bilateral talks with British foreign secretary Philip Hammond after inaugurating the Pravasi Bharatiya Summit.

    Swaraj told UK while discussing ISIL that "Indian has been victims of terrorism even before anybody woke up to the threat. There can't be good or bad terrorists. There can't be a segmented approach to the issue".

    UK has decided to redeploy its fleet of armed Reaper drones to Iraq to launch attacks against ISIL in a significant escalation of the UK's military effort.

    Nine Air Force Reaper drones, currently based in Kandahar, Afghanistan and operated from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, will be shipped to the Middle East for use against Isis in the coming weeks.

    Two heavily armed drones will initially be dispatched to the Middle East to carry out reconnaissance flights over Islamic State militants.

    Michael Fallon, Britain's defence secretary told the Commons the remotely-piloted RAF aircraft will be sent from Afghanistan to a secret base in the region to carry out armed reconnaissance flights over the militant extremists.

    The deployment of the Reapers from the RAF's 13 Squadron is their first use outside Afghanistan, where they have carried out more than 4,500 sorties since 2008.

    Britain has 10 of the MQ9 drones which are flown via satellite link by pilots based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

    Fallon said "The surveillance capability of Reaper will see it provide vital situational awareness, making it an invaluable asset to the Iraqi government and the coalition allies in helping counter the threat from ISIL and supporting our vital interests in the area. If strike operations are required then Reaper has the ability to complement the sorties RAF Tornados have already completed. The deployment is the first operational use of UK Reaper outside Afghanistan".

    Reaper is the UK's only armed remotely-piloted aircraft. The policy for the use of unmanned aircraft is the same as that for manned aircraft, with the RAF pilots operating under strict UK Rules of Engagement.

    Foreign Secretary Hammond also announced the UK will provide bomb disposal training for up to 18 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Arbil, the capital of semi-autonomous Kurdistan in northern Iraq. Ministers have warned airstrikes alone will not be enough to defeat IS militants and have called for boots on the ground.

    Segmented approach will not solve terrorism: India to UK - The Times of India
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    I have no idea what segmented approach would be so I found this link:

    Terrorism - Ben Saul - Google Books

    How does FM Swaraj feel about support to Hamas and Hezbollah, I wonder?
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    At least IMO Hezbollah should be disarmed. I am not sure of Swaraj's opinion on this, but most likely they would go by "Never support any armed Muslim group".
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    Actually Hezbollah should be allowed to continue fighting sunni radicalised groups.
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    iran must be trying to drag india's support into this matter hamas,hezbollah are shia muslims iran is their patron and india need its relations with iran for gas and oil,also there are other economical and strategical purposes like india developing iran's port.
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    W.G.Ewald: India supports Isarel unoffcialy. Israels understands that. Current INdian Govt is the best buddy for Israel and israel also knows.

    KNow regardng supporting Plastinin, Indian needs to support it(in words and not deeds) because of a) We need Arab support and their oil B)Keep our radical part of muslim populations in good humor.
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