1. Tshering22

    Country Watch Additions: Azerbaijan and Turkey

    Dear Admins, Given the slew of anti-India activities undertaken by Azerbaijan and Turkey in the recent times, It would make sense to have a dedicated Turkey + Azerbaijan thread in Country Watch section alongside the already present Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.
  2. Tshering22

    UK-based Turkish law firm calls for trials of India's Home Minister and Army Chief

    UK-based Turkish law firm STOKE WHITE has filed a case against the Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane and Minister of Home Affairs, Amit Shah to be tried for war crimes. Hakan Camuz, the head of the law firm, has presented a 41-page document as a part of the petition allegedly containing...
  3. Tshering22

    Suggestion: Dedicated country watch & Idiots' Musings sections for Turkey & Azerbaijan

    Dear administrators of DFI, We all discuss a lot about Turkey, its economy, and its missteps against us here on DFI. Given the extent of funding and reach that it is trying to create against India both bilaterally as well as through international bodies like OIC and now even the UN General...