1. Satish Sharma

    Idiotic musing of Chinese communist party.

  2. The Juggernaut

    Hindutva Meme repository.

    I was looking for the Hindutva Meme thread. Didn't found one. Hence made it here. Let's add here when we see here.
  3. Johny_Baba

    Memes Repository

    This thread is to store various memes here with proper categories and little context-description etc if needed. Purpose of this thread is to keep memes saved at a dedicated thread to later be used whenever wherever needed; as i've often seen jewgle and other woke search engines are often...
  4. Varzone

    Little Dark Age Of This Timeline - Geopolitics, Finance and Memes

    Chill environment and safe haven from religious bigots, haters and low IQ trolls The last ship from middle-earth has left for Valinor. International guests welcome as well
  5. Johny_Baba

    Gun memes

    just a small thread to share memes on guns or weird gun ideas-jugaads etc @Unknowncommando 2 @Killbot @Gessler @Vorschlaghammer @Shaitan @shuvo@y2k10 @vampyrbladez @Vishalreddy3 @ManhattanProject @Lonewarrior @FalconSlayers @SKC @Subham Show @Maharaj samudragupt @Kunal Biswas dada @ghost and all