India should apologize for sending Surjeet Singh to spy: Rehman Malik

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    India should apologize for sending Surjeet Singh to spy: Rehman Malik

    ISLAMABAD: Days after he claimed terror suspect Zabiuddin Ansari could have mounted a "sting operation" to carry out the Mumbai attacks from Pakistani soil, interior ministry chief Rehman Malik today demanded that India apologize for sending Surjeet Singh to spy in Pakistan.

    Malik made the demand while addressing a news conference in London, the Pakistani media reported. He demanded an apology from India for sending Singh "for spying in Pakistan", state-run radio reported.

    Singh was freed last week after serving a life term in a Pakistani jail following his conviction for espionage in 1985.

    Though Singh was given the death sentence, it was commuted by the Pakistani President in 1989. He was imprisoned for nearly three decades.

    During the news conference, Malik also rejected the assertion by Indian officials, including home minister P Chidambaram, that terrorist handlers had set up a control room in Karachi for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

    He contended that three Indian citizens, including Ansari alias Abu Jundal, were involved in the attacks.

    Claiming that foreign intelligence agencies were involved in violence in Karachi to sabotage the peace in Pakistan's financial hub, Malik said: "India should tell how many extremists they have sent to Pakistan".

    Ansari was recently arrested in Delhi after he was deported from Saudi Arabia.

    Indian officials have said that Ansari had been travelling on a Pakistani passport.

    Ansari has told investigators that he was present in the control room in Karachi from where Lashkar-e-Taiba handlers controlled the 10 terrorists who carried the Mumbai attacks.
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  4. on slightly more (not very... mind it) Serious note ...

    These feeble and lame attempts by this Non minister of urs at
    Distracting the international attention
    from the obvious truth that staring in the face of whole world ...from the issue at hand ....

    Dont even deserve a serious mockery ....

    That's what was the stupid ploy of ur Govt ...
    Timing of this release ...
    then the controversy surrounding the Name
    and now this even more pathetic one that doesnt even deserve a mention

    are just these ...

    ridiculously obvious attempts at distracting the world attention from
    what world can see even with eyes half closed ...

    That ur Pakistan is a Snake pit ....
    where snakes are harbored, fed and then let lose at people you call ur MFN friends

    I believe i speak for everyone here ...

    We are sick of ur dirty tricks !!
    those of ur kicked-out Minister's !

    Ask him to take his sh*t somewhere else !!
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    Fcuk off ye inbred arsewiping cnut and take that trolling twit with ye.
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    1st Rehman Malik should apologize to Pak people ... for getting UK Citizenship :taunt:

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