Zico shows aggression opposing coach Robert Pires in India


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Oct 1, 2014
One of the highlights of the newly created Indian Super League, French player would have been punched in the face during halftime against Kolkata Athletic

The Goa FC not yet won, but I was involved in his first controversy in the newly created Indiana Superliga. On Friday, coach Zico revealed that Robert Pires - one of the stars of the tournament - was hit with a punch by opposing coach Antonio Lopez Habas, in the range of defeat to Atletico Kolkata, on Thursday.

Zico said he had not witnessed the scene, but revealed that his players and himself Robert Pires told him what had happened.

- One of my players said he (Pires) was attacked by the opposing coach. Pires said he received a punch to the face of the technician. This is shameful. I'm revealing my players told me. I have not seen. But I do not believe Pires lie or speak something that has not happened - said Zico, at a news conference.

The Brazilian coach said during the break, his team was very nervous about the assault on Robert Pires. With that, the coaching staff only focuses on calming the players.

- When the team returned to the field after the break, everyone was very nervous. In the meantime, just try to calm them.

On the evening of Friday, the Goa FC issued a statement saying that it has filed a representation in the local Federation and asked that strong disciplinary action is taken in relation to the alleged assault on Robert Pires. The club says the punch occurred at the entrance of the locker room of the team.

Ex-Arsenal star and France international Robert Pires ended his career in 2011 by Aston Villa. This year, at age 41, accepted the proposal of Goa FC and resumed his career in India.


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