Won’t block China’s entry into MTCR as quid pro quo: India


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Aug 25, 2015
India will impress upon China, which had torpedoed its NSG membership bid at the Seoul plenary, that taking care of each other’s “interests and priorities” was the basis for forward movement in bilateral ties.

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup also dismissed suggestions that India, which has become a full member of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) earlier this week, will block China’s entry into the 35-nation grouping as a quid pro quo.

In an oblique reference to China, he said only “one country” opposed India’s bid while some other nations raised “process-related” issues which did not mean that they were against India. They just had a different solution about India’s entry into NSG, he added.

However, he said India would continue “impress upon that country that a relationship moves forward on the basis of mutual accommodation of each other’s interests, concerns and priority. This is a matter (NSG membership) which we have been
discussing and we will continue to discuss because it is an important priority for India.”

He also said that India’s objective is to enlarge areas of convergence and reduce area of divergence.

Asked if India, which has become a full member of MTCR earlier this week, will block China’s entry into the 35-nation grouping as quid pro quo, Swarup said India does not believe in such “deal making” approach.

Asserting that India granted the membership based on its impeccable non-proliferation record, he said any other country’s application will also be assessed on its own merits.

He said India’s MTCR membership is expected to facilitate high technology tie-ups with Indian industry and ease access to high-tech items for our space and defence programmes.

“While membership of the regime would not automatically entail any preferential treatment from other MTCR Partners, it would create the grounds for realignment of India in the export control policy framework of other MTCR Partners,” he said, asserting that membership of MTCR will not pose any restrictions on our national security programmes.

Further, India has formal space cooperation with 35 countries including several MTCR Partners even prior to joining the MTCR and in the coming days, India can be expected to play an even bigger role as a provider of space applications to the global community, he added.


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