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Jan 17, 2010
Honestly I'm sad with your quotation --------------------
The shops burning were Chinese-owned stalls and businesses,many of which were built since Beijing renewed its push to bring intensive development and encourage Han migration to the Tibet Autonomous ----------------------

When u (or this western media) guys upheld 'human rights‘ there was a cool amusement in this report with an emphasis on 'Chinese-owned' and 'Beijing pushed' instead of on their mishaps with property damaged. It tried to imply Tibetants were not Chinese. Is this observation balanced , or fair for Chinese of different origins?

Are those shop owners, regardless of being Han or Hui or other ethnic groups, the same human beings like u or me? Shall they be entitled to do business or migrate on their own motherland freely? Before u do the copy/paste of Washington Post , have u made an impartial and independent thinking?

"govt sponsored resettlement"?? does your Ind. gvmt offer support for those disadvantaged migrants on your lands? do u feel such 'govt sponsorship' a justified or necessary one as from a responsible govt? I shall say China's govt hasn't done enough in helping those migrants from underdeveloped provinces!! I've met a guy who was ready to move to Tibet for job opportunities when I was in a neighboring province toTibet. Not govt sponsored, he, a taxi driver, was like u or me, ordinary people, striving for a better living out of FREE will. When hypocrites try to label it politiically as CCP's deliberation, I can only say - do to your neighbors as u would have them do to u -- needless to remind u folks of the movements happening within India itself from poverty smitten regions to where people can find other choices.

---------quote-------- Lhasa could still be described as a quaint city brimming with Chinese influence but largely characterized by its ancient Tibetan architecture, Tibetan goods and, of course, Tibetan people. --------quote
Again what a hypocrisy??!! It sounds like 'Tibet is Tibetan's Tibet' or "Delhi is Delhian's Delhi" or "Kolkotta is K...." Its undertone is as if Tibet should have preserved what it has been for foreign tourists to visit and get exotic feels. To my woe, I have to ask if u adhere to 'human rights' can u folks travel freely to and domicile in another province and inevitably change its 'ancient architecture' or 'local goods' within India? ? ? do u really believe Tibet should remain unchanged through years just like a museum?? do u acknowledge changes are constant and often for good of local residents plus immigrants instead of sight-seeing tourists?

We Chinese used to wear long robes and have lots of old traditions and ancient relics. But as u can see we more or less have changed our ways of living, not only in appearance but also in spirits. We incl. Tibentans are also evolving like all other peoples in the world as a rule of nature. Harmony should prevail among all of us instead of our sliding back into old mindset of separation or even hostility.

When our Ind friends take off colorful lens and put China and India on the same par in making their judgements, u will certainly draw more objective conclusions. Meantime a Chinese like shall also learn more about Indians rather than have only biased stereotypes of India’s (Slums or ethnic/religious feuds or hightech Banglore ).

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