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Mar 24, 2009
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NEW DELHI: Innovation has always been a hallmark of Apple's products. When Apple launched Safari 5 last month, along with the much-hyped iPhone 4, it claimed the latest version is the world's fastest and most innovative web browser.

But various tests show that Chrome 6 is a tad faster and Apple will try to overcome that hitch in its forthcoming updates.

Here is a look at some of the features of Safari 5 web browser:

Safari Reader
With a wide range of new features, Safari surely proves itself to be a great browsing experience. 'Safari Reader' is one such addition in Safari 5.

The Reader presents a neat, ad-free version of the web page content. This tool can be activated via a 'Reader' icon which appears within the address bar when one visits a compatible webpage.

On clicking it, a paper-like scroll appears within the address bar and presents only the text version, as if it was copied manually and pasted onto word.

Multi-page articles pulled into the window
The Reader also pulls multi-page articles into the window, making it a pleasant experience for readers to browse through long articles.

This innovation is one which other developers need to watch out for -- that is to develop innovative ways to grab the attention span of users.

Address bar scans URLs
A convenient address bar scans entire URLs for easier recall of visited webpages. The function provided for the web search is not as good as Google's Chrome which combines the search and address bar.

Using tabs is a pleasure on Safari 5 as they can be moved back and forth and even out on to the desktop to create a new window.

This feature is absent in IE or Firefox. A small thumbnail represents the page. It zooms to full size when released. The functionality becomes better as dragging a tab from one browser window into another is simple.

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