What is best calibre for an Assault Rifle?


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Mar 10, 2009
This may not be a Russian but a Bulgarian or yugoM92 .these are largely custom made by the gun Smiths in USA after importing the kits from arsenal or. Yugoslovia or Tula.The gun Smiths are so bright that they had even altered a Romanian draco (akmsu version) into a bullpup. But as you said these krinkovs are much useful in fire works than actually fire works and are unable to control too. For the RL operators the most suited ones will the Ak102 or 104 or bulagarian variants of it which are not krinkovs noor full lenght ARs but could do the job with out much recoil and shoot straightly over 100mts with a damn punching power.Considered to X95 and M4s these come with a less price tag and equal accuracy plus a greater reliabilty and equal or less weight.
I agree with what you said, but there is one thing I should have made clearer.

Krinkov is not the gun. It is the muzzle brake. It just creates a combustion and expansion chamber, thus allowing for a shorter barrel.


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