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Sep 25, 2009
I like your (i.e. "no smoking") list of five most important matters for the average Chinese.

1. Family. Without family, life is pretty meaningless.

2. Country. Without territorial integrity, it's hard to live a meaningful family life with foreign invaders looting your country.

3. Prestige in history.

In the past, it was the Great Wall of China.
In the present, they are the Three Gorges Dam and Chinese Spacewalk.
In the future, China looks ahead to the Chinese Moon Landing (2020-2025).
In the further future, Chinese planners have suggested First Human Mars/Interplanetary Landing (around 2050).

List of Upcoming Events:

2010 Shanghai World Expo
2011 Xi'an World Horticultural Expo (Xi'an is home of Terracotta Warriors)
2012 Lunar Lander Mission
2013 Launch of Second Lunar Probe
2014 Shanghai Tower completed (a beautiful and elegant skyscraper)
2015 China's 30-satellite GPS ("Beidou") system completed
2016 China's first jumbo jet C919 completed
2017 China's recoverable Moon Rover

Chinese have a fondness of accomplishments by its civilization and its impact on history. Make your ancestors proud.

4. Wealth. Having a better life for your family is an important goal.

5. Race. While Rome faded into the history books, China had a great 1800 years. Due to foreign invasions, China had a bad 150 years. Now that China is being restored to its former glory, the descendants of the Yellow Emperor can look forward to a future with endless possibilities.

China's Spacewalk


The Shanghai Tower is an unsurpassed beautiful work of art.


Here's the popular Shanghai 2010 World Expo Official Preview.


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