US halts V-22 Osprey production


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May 6, 2009
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US halts V-22 Osprey production :

Wed, Jun 24, 2009

house Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Edolphus Ed Towns (D-NY) today called for a halt to production of the
US halts V-22 Osprey production

The Chairman reached this conclusion during a committee hearing titled, “The Future of the V-22 Osprey: Costs, Capabilities and Challenges.” The hearing examined the Government Accountability Office’s study of the operational effectiveness, suitability and cost of the V-22 Osprey.

After hearing witness testimony from individuals with extensive knowledge of the V-22 Osprey and reviewing the GAO report, Chairman Towns stated in his closing statement, “It’s time to put the Osprey out of its misery".

Chairman Towns said, “At the outset of this hearing, I expressed strong reservations about the performance and cost of the V-22 Osprey, but I wanted to hear what our witnesses said today before reaching a conclusion. What we have heard today convinces me that the dream of a viable high-speed, long-range, tilt-rotor aircraft has not been realized.

Moreover, there is at least some evidence that the aircraft is inherently unsafe.

To sum up, it has problems in hot weather, it has problems in cold weather, it has problems with sand, it has problems with high altitude, and it has restricted maneuverability. The list of what the Osprey can’t do is longer than the list of what it can do.

Not only has the Osprey failed to live up to its initial billing, it has failed expensively. Our investigation indicates that we’ve gotten half the aircraft for three times the cost – that’s not a recipe for longevity.

I am going to ask the staff to prepare a report on the findings of this investigation, which we will forward to the Appropriations Committee with recommendations for further action. It’s time to put the Osprey out of its misery.”

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