US becomes a major oil supplier to India

Jameson Emoni

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Apr 15, 2018
US should be our first preference when buying oil. Actually, US should be our top preference when buying anything non-Indian.


US replaces Kuwait as India's 6th biggest oil supplier; Iraq remains on top

The United States has surpassed Kuwait to become India's sixth largest oil supplier as it supplied 70 per cent more crude to the world's third largest energy consumer during April-September.

According to data furnished by the oil ministry to parliamentary committee, the US supplied 5.4 million tonnes of crude oil during the first six months of 2019-20.

This compared to about 3.1 million tonnes of oil sourced from the US in the same period a year back.

India began importing crude oil from the US in 2017 as it looked to diversify its import basket beyond the OPEC nations. It bought 1.9 million tonnes of crude oil from the US in 2017-18 and another 6.2 million tonnes in 2018-19, the data showed.

Iraq continues to be India's top crude oil supplier, meeting close to one-fourth of the country's oil needs. Iraq sold 26 million tonnes of crude oil to India during April to September.


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