Underground "submarine" prepares for trials in Russia


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May 5, 2014
Subterranean vehicle prepares for trials in Russia

Siberian scientists have presented a prototype of a vehicle for quick construction of tunnels under the ground, which can be used to build underground facilities in the combat zone, and for the salvation of people under the rubble. It is called the "Geohod".

Photo: google.ru

As the director of Yurga Technological Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University Andrei Efremenkov said, the world still has nothing like that, because all of the existing devices that operate under are acting on the boundary between two environments- air and ground. The very solid environment is not involved. The "Geohod" is a device that moves in a solid environment and uses it to create a so-called pressure effort to secure a longitudinal movement. One prototype is already created. It has a cylindrical body with a diameter of 3.2 meters. At the head of the unit is set rock cutting devices, on the periphery - screw and longitudinal elements that allow creation of a crowd force. At the end of 2015 "Geohod" trials are planned. It is expected that the device will be manufactured in different versions for different purposes. "For the case of the Emergencies Ministry, we are talking about the mobile unit, which can be quickly delivered to the disaster zone to rescue victims under the rubble. In the case of the military we would have a device for lining underground communications. If we succeed, it will be a real breakthrough. Because this would be both rapid communications and city tunnels, and many other things, "- said Efremenkov.



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