Ultramarine-Because Guns are just too quick


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Dec 11, 2009
This for all of you who think that in this time of nukes,rockets,missiles and rifles .Blunt force Weapons Are Obsolete well Think Again.......


Extrema Ratio. First established in 1997 as a manufacturer of quality sporting knives,
Extrema Ratio combined the uniformity and production volumes of industrial automation with the high quality and attention to detail of hand finishing.
As a result, the company has rapidly become a force to reckoned with on the international market.
It is also the supplier of choice for “almost all” of the best Italian special operations forces (military and police) and the only official supplier to the
Italian Air Force.

Putting their imagination, industrial skills and end-user knowledge to good use,
the company has now developed the positively stunning ULTRAMARINE multi-functional dive/field/combat knife.

According to the company; the ULTRAMARINE is the result of four years of research and development,
conducted by Extrema Ratio in collaboration with Military Dive Teams of the Italian Special Forces,
Law Enforcement Dive Teams and Civilian Underwater Operation Experts.

Their research showed that units involved in underwater and amphibian operations have to use a variety of individual specialtist tools
to address a wide range of the primary tasks they perform.
So, the main objective of the ULTRAMARINE Project was to substitute those different tools
with one that would versatile and capable of performing the same range tasks in the difficult operations and challenging environments
that these professionals operate in.

Specifically, the operators told Extrema Ration that the primary functions they needed – listed in priority – are:


So the company designed a knife that incorporated the following features for each of those primary functions -


* mass of the blade heavy enough to efficiently chop branches and shrubs
* serrations to facilitate cutting rope when the blade is dull from wear & tear
* steel tang can be used as a hammer or glass breaking tool
* sharp portion of the blade near the handle that can be used for precision cutting & whittling


* slot in the blade developed for use as a screw-pin shackle wrench
* retention lanyard allows the user to work without having to sheath the knife
* handle designed with a plus sized grip & a special anti-slip material
* special anti-wet snap fasteners that are specifically designed for water environments


* sheath designed to be sleek and hydrodynamic with a quick-release function
* specialised net & line cutting system for use in entanglement emergencies
* reduced hilt guards to reduce the chance of entanglement and snaring while in use
* design of the handle allows the operator to distinguish the orientation of the blade by feel
* pointed tang for use as a glass break device


* handle can be disassembled so the blade can be attached to a pole and used as a spear
* blade treated with a matt finish to reduce light reflection
* sheath incorporates two sharpening diamond sharpening plates


* symmetric dagger shape of the blade and a balance point biased toward the handle
* pointed steel tang can be used as a blunt force weapon

Although not listed among the primary functions, the ULTRAMARINE is also designed to be suitable
for use during heli-borne and fast-rope inserations as well as static-line and HALO / HAHO parachute jumps:


* hard sheath combined with a sleek design makes a safe and effective solution for use in airborne operations


As great as a knife might be, it needs an equally good and suitable sheath to carry it in.
So, to suit its purpose as a truly amphibious multi-use knife, the ULTRAMARINE is designed to be used with two types of sheath.

* Dive Sheath: The dive sheath is a rigid sheath made of ABS plastic which can be worn mounted on webbing with a TEK-LOK fastener.
* Field Sheath: The optional field sheath is PALS/MOLLE compatible so it can be attached to a variety of tactical equipment.


Waterborne operations, in particular saltwater ops, place inordinate amounts of wear on operational equipment.
To alleviate this problem the ULTRAMARINE was developed using new concepts and materials that guarantee the durability of the knife.

However, the philosophy behind the ULTRAMARINE not to attract the potential buyer through the use of exotic or futuristic materials and applications,
but to develop a functional and durable tool made out of carefully selected and extensively tested components.


The sheath is composed of two detachable parts:

* the soft part is made of polyamide bonded with polyethylene
* the hard part in ABS plastic welded together with a specialised binary epoxy
* the elastic straps are doubled for durability
* accessories are made of polyamide
* the snap fasteners are specifically designed for wet environments


* the handle is a single cylindrical block of polyamide
* the tang and other components are stainless steel


* the blade is made of Cobalt Steel N690. This steel is certified by Extrema Ratio to pass all oxidation tests under NATO testing standards.

Blade Finish:
Commercial dive knives us a highly polished finish to protect the blades from oxidation;
whereas most military knives use a factory treated coating such as Teflon to dull and protect the blade from oxidation.
The problem with Teflon though is that when the protective coating gets scratched or worn with use it leaves the raw metal exposed to the environment and oxidation.

Neither of these options was suitable for the ULTRAMARINE knife,
so Extrema Ratio adopted a renewable protective film called LUBRA-SKIN – which can be easily reapplied during regular knife maintenance.
LUBRA-SKIN is a silicone based product specifically developed for Extrema Ratio and is easily applied to all disassembled steel parts.
This creates a waterproof protective film which prevents salt water from adhering to the metal and causing oxidation.


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