UK poison plot against Asians, blacks busted


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Feb 16, 2009
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UK poison plot against Asians, blacks busted
7 Jun 2009, 0106 hrs IST, ANI
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LONDON: A deadly terror plot by suspected white supremacists was busted when the police recovered dangerous ricin meant to poison ethnic
minorities in the UK.

It is feared the lethal nerve toxin was intended for use as part of a biological weapon against blacks and Asians, the Daily Express reports.

The fatal agent, for which there is no antidote, is 6,000 times more poisonous than cyanide. An amount the size of a grain of salt is enough to kill an adult. During an anti-terror raid at a terraced house in Burnopfield, the police found the ricin in a jam jar in a kitchen cupboard.

Durham's assistant chief constable Mike Barton said: "This shows that the terrorist threat in the UK is real. We believe the people involved to be white supremacist extremists and one of our lines of inquiry was that they were going to target people from ethnic *minorities."

The house in Burnopfield, and another in nearby Annfield Plain, were raided by police on Tuesday.

According to the government labs in Edinburgh, the jam jar had *contained the ricin for up to two years.

The jar will be taken to the Ministry of Defence's chemical biological warfare labs at Porton Down, Wilts, for further tests.
UK poison plot against Asians, blacks busted - UK - World - The Times of India

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