UK Navy's nuke sub HMS Triumph ready for sea trials


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Oct 5, 2009
UK Navy's nuke sub HMS Triumph ready for sea trials

LONDON (BNS): British Navy’s nuclear-powered submarine HMS Triumph is ready to set sail for sea trials after being refurbished for six years.

The vessel will undergo extensive sea trial for three months before being commissioned in the Royal Navy for a second time.

The submarine has been retrofitted at a cost of £300m ($455 million). Capability improvements include installation of latest sonar systems and an upgrade for the Tomahawk land attack cruise missile system.

The vessel has also been equipped with a new command and control system, a new internal fibre optic computer systems network and enhanced satellite communicatios system .Its safety features have also been enhanced further.

The seventh and last of the Trafalgar Class submarines of the Royal Navy, HMS Triumph was commissioned in October 1991.

Following her planned acceptance back into the Royal Navy fleet later this year, the submarine’s crew will also be tested by the rigours of operational sea training.

Since commissioning, Triumph has completed a number of notable patrols from the North Atlantic to the Far East.

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