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Jan 12, 2020
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LONDON: Judges in a court of appeal reduced the sentence of Lord Nazir Ahmed, who in 2022 was convicted and jailed for five-and-a-half years for abusing two children when he was a teenager in the 1970s.

On Friday, three appeal court judges cut the jail term to two-and-a-half years after finding that the trial judge Justice Lavender “fell into error” when passing the sentence.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, a former Labour politician of Pakistani origin, was found guilty on two counts of attempted rape and one of buggery after a woman told the jurors that he attempted to rape her when he was about 16 or 17 years and she was much younger.

The politician, who was appointed a life peer in 1998 by the Labour government, was also found guilty of a serious sexual assault against a boy under 11, also in the early 1970s.

Justice Lavender had given him a three-and-a-half year term for the offence of buggery against the minor boy, and two terms of two years for each of the attempted rapes.

When Lord Ahmed challenged the decision, the appeal court cut the three-and-a-half year term for buggery to just six months, but upheld the two-year terms — making a total of two-and-a-half years.

The appeal court bench took into consideration Mr Ahmed’s age at the time of the offence, saying that they had to take into account that he was a child when the offences were committed. Had he been sentenced soon after committing the buggery offence, he would have been 14.

They concluded, “A custodial sentence of six months would probably have been regarded as a suitable penalty”.

However, they took a different position in relation to the attempted rape sentences, saying the offences were carried out by a teenager “against a very young victim”.

Two years prior to the trial, in 2020 Lord Ahmed stepped down from his role in the UK House of Lords after 20 years of service, after a report published by the Upper House revealed that a conduct committee recommended he be expelled after an inquiry into sexual misconduct.


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Jun 17, 2022
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Zoroastrian God
Jews were enslaved by achaemenids, and then freed under Cyrus the great, Jews didn't have a unified religious scripture back then

Persian beliefs got carried over by Jews, which is the corpus of Judeo-christian Religious traditions(including a future messianic figure)

Mohammad plagiarised the crap out of Judaism to the point that it is (wrongly) seen as a continuation of Judeo-christian traditions

The kill one man save one man verse is a good example, among a shiit tonne of others
Did you just piss upon his degree with distinction marks attained in Pakistan studies subject, using one paragraph.


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Dec 8, 2021
Labour deselects 7 Indian-origin councillors in Leicester ahead of 4 May local elections. There are now no Hindu councillors left on the Labour side of the council.

As far as I'm aware, Central Labour vetoed local Leicester Labour council selecting/electing it's own councillors and has imposed it's own choices. Second, the cunt that is Peter Soulsby (who raises council tax by the maximum every year to help cover his daughter's failing businesses yet accepted for himself an 11% payrise and he himself lives in Conservative Leicestershire County where council tax hasn't risen) has been city mayor for 12 years since the concept of a mayor was imposed upon Leicester. Those Labour councillors who rebelled and supported the Leicester Conservative campaign to scrap the mayor's position have been deselected (i.e punished for going against the dictator). Muslim councillors have also been axed (though not all of them).

Unfortunately this city is a Labour stronghold city since before WW2, so I doubt anything will ever change.

There's also Claudia Webbe as MP (search her history) who arranges protests on Kashmir and Palestine.

There is also (unknown to me until this whole Khalistani thing kicked off) barely concealed Khalistani Labour councillorsl. See this guy: Kulwinder Singh Johal - many of his twitter followers are Khalistani nutters

Also as mentioned in the article, see the demographic change from 2001 to now. 11% to 24% muslims. Hindus 14% to 17%, Sikhs hovering around 4%, xtians 45% to 25%.

Hindu votes are split, many poor/idiots/just don't care still vote anti-Hindu Labour. Elections coming up in May I hope for a miracle.

I should also add that Leicester has never really had any serious religious tensions until it all kicked off last year but I suppose times are changing. In fact German researchers visited this year to understand how such a diverse city has been so peaceful (hint: because it's majority minority was Hindu)


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Jan 12, 2020
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Jan 12, 2020
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West side story Asian style
Author : Rifat Malik

Publication : Evening Standard (London)
Date : May 22, 1997

If you go looking for trouble any weekend in Slough's busy
shopping centre, you will find it, sooner rather than later.
Saturday afternoons regularly feature rival Asian gangs exuding
collective bravura and menace. The wrong word, an inadvertent
glance and tempers flare. Vigilant security guards disperse the
gangs of 10 or more, as bewildered and Tightened shoppers retreat
for cover.
A spiral of violence between Muslim and Sikh gangs has been
building in recent years. Last month it culminated in a 70-strong
armed Sikh gang, reportedly from Southall, rampaging through
Slough's predominantly Muslim area of Chalvey leaving damaged homes
and cars and a frightened community in their wake. A hundred extra
police officers were speedily dispatched to forestall reprisals in
Southall but the immediate response came in Slough, where enraged
Muslim teenagers turned on Sikhs.
Seventeen-year-old Sikh business student Sanjeev Singh was almost
killed. He recalls: "I was riding through the park with my cousin
when a gang of them pushed me off my bike. About 10 of them had me
on the floor, and while my cousin escaped to get help, some of them
started hitting me with bricks. had an empty Lucozade bottle which
he smashed on my head, and another of them stabbed me in the back.
"I think it lasted for five solid minutes and they must have left
me for dead." Sanjeev spent a week in intensive care.
As fears increased among the minority Sikhs in Slough and the
minority Muslims in Southall, an emergency meeting was convened of
youth and community workers from across west London.
Sukhjit Dhaliwal, general secretary of the Slough Sikh Defence
Union, says attacks on Sikhs - easily distinguished by their
turbans - are increasing. "A couple of years ago a Sikh boy was
killed, and last year another committed suicide because of Muslim
bullying," he says.
On the Muslim side, Saber Hussein Choudhury, who chairs Slough's
Pakistan Welfare Association and lives and works in the heart of
Chalvey, says: "The situation is very volatile. The madness of
idle youth on both sides has meant both communities are afraid."
Two rival gangs are said to be responsible for the violence - the
Sikh dominated Shere Punjabs (Lions of Punjab) and the Muslim
Chalvey Boys.
Before the recent attacks in Slough, they had clashed outside
colleges and during religious festivals in Southall, which has
London's largest youth population and Europe's highest
concentration of Asians.
Unfortunately, this year the Muslim festival of Eid fell on the
same day as the Sikh festival of Visakhi and, despite heavy
policing in Southall, there were almost 90 arrests for carrying
offensive weapons and public disorder.
The troubles have been bad for business. In a Pakistani-owned
Southall restaurant, Akmal says: "People come from everywhere,
flying their Muslim and Sikh flags and making trouble. Business is
dead because police are stopping everyone, and sometimes they are
too rough-handed and start pushing people around. Definitely
something big is going to happen, there is too much tension."
Such tensions deeply disturb the Southall-born playwright Harwant
Bains. His critically acclaimed 1993 film Wild West was an
affectionate and anarchic comedy about gung-ho Asian teenagers in
Southall who dreamed of becoming country and western singers.
He says today's climate is beyond caricature. "My film gave a
heightened sense of what went on then," says Harwant, who left
Southall six years ago. "Yes, there were gangs like the Holy
Smokes and the Tooti-Nungs, but nothing like what's going on today.
There was no real threat from your own people.
"I really thought these differences had become secondary. As I
grew up we all fought against racism. Now these post-pubescent
kids, wearing bandanas like something out of the LA riots, are
making us the object of derision in a society in which we're still
not that welcome."
Some first-generation Asians, known for their hard work and
peaceful image, think the solution lies in "zero tolerance,' of the
disruptive youths.
Others point to the problems caused by unemployment. In Chalvey
the rate is 10.5 per cent - more than twice the rate for Slough as
a whole. In the borough of Ealing, where Southall is located,
almost 40 per cent of the youth are unemployed.
Many observers say that some teenagers are also experiencing an
identity crisis and community leaders are failing them.
Sukhjit Dhaliwal says: "These kids claim to fight for religions
they don't know anything about, and don't even go to mosques or
temples. They are struggling to form an identity, and leaders
should ten them about their rich cultures, not religious
The age-old gang concern of territory is often as significant as
religion. One 15-year-old youth, Ahmed from Chalvey, explains:
"Muslims run Slough, it's our territory. Why are Sikhs coming from
outside to Muslim areas like Slough and Hounslow? They are making
trouble, so we are defending ourselves."
Sex also plays a part. The gangs are hostile to the growing number
of mixed marriages among Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. Sikhs in
particular complain of leaflets and fliers that urge Muslim males
to convert Sikh and Hindu girls to Islam.
At the same time Muslim males are accused of treating non-Muslim
girls as fair game. Geeta, a 17-year-old Hindu, says: 'Muslim boys
won't go out with Muslim girls because they say they're sisters.
But they think we are just slags so they can go out with us."
The Asian in-fighting has punctured the myth of social homogeneity
and it is clear now that the much-publicised success of Asian
entrepreneurs hag obscured the problems of a confused underclass of
Asian youngsters.
Harwant Bains warns: "The Asian community needs to examine and
define itself and find out how it fits into Britain into the
country where younger generations are born. Otherwise we will just
continue sleep-walking into trouble."


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Jan 12, 2020
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Ever wonder why Pakistanis criminal gangs and grooming gang are not reported in uk local media someone in their deep state or political parties are highly involved in social engineering they threaten with this notice
To response if they defy media houses are threatened by their bureaucrats while reporting them in Pakistani gangs have DSMA NOTICE AROUND THEM from media coverage


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Jan 12, 2020
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Anti-Hindu hate flies under the radar in the UK

Charlotte Littlewood
Published : April 22, 2023, 6:32 pm | Updated : April 22, 2023, 9:42 PM

In the Leicester case, the Henry Jackson Society found that media had emphasised a false narrative of Hindu extremism.


On 17September last year, whilst the United Kingdom grieved the Queen, hundreds of men descended on Leicester from across the UK to fightHinduswho were marching for their right to live in postcode area LE5. These men claimed the chants of “Jai Shri Ram” were evidence of organised Hindutva extremism infiltrating the UK. Evidence quickly built that showed the Hindu march organisers had no such connections and a mere stroll through LE5 would show you the systematic attacks on vehicles and houses that had dared to hang a Hindu symbol.

Whilstprotestors called the Hindus “Hindutva extremists”, “cow piss drinkers” and “violent vegetarians”,multiple news platforms and numerous notable political commentators in the UK took to the pen and parroted the Islamist narrative, turning their attention to politics in the subcontinent rather than the false claims of “Hindutva extremism/RSS terrorism” and subsequent attacks on the Hindu community.

After spending time in Leicester conducting interviews with both Muslim and Hindu residents, compiling social media evidence, video evidence, police reports and statements. I observed a community cohesion breakdown pertaining to loud festivals, antisocial behaviour and a conflict between Muslim youth and Hindu youth stemming from territorial attitudes towards one another.

The Henry Jackson report was the first in-depth collation of evidence and analyses looking at what led to the unrest.We found that media had, overwhelmingly emphasised a false narrative of Hindu extremism that had put the wider UK Hindu community at risk.There was a persistent over-reliance on known extremists for media comment, including Majid Freeman,noted in the report as having offered prayers to the Taliban.

Our report stands alone in UK based research reports that sought to understand that communal conflict last summer. Whilst our commentary in the British press stood apart in its discussion of the anti-Hindu hate on display. In the aftermath questions tuned to: what is anti-Hindu hate, how is it manifesting in the UK and why is no-one talking about it?

This April,our report into anti-Hindu hate in the UK finds that 51% of Hindu parents surveyed reported that their child had experienced anti-Hindu hate in schools, while less than 1% of schools reported any anti-Hindu related incidents in the last 5 years. 8 physical assaults were detailed. One female Hindu pupil had beef thrown on her, a male student was reported to have to change East London schools three times on account of anti-Hindu bullying and concerns have been raised around a problematic approach to teaching Hinduism,potentially leading to bullying in the classroom.

We found anti-Hindu hateto be multifaceted and driven by a number of ideologies. Pupils described xenophobic remarks on their skin colour, Christian classmates telling them they can’t enter a church and numerous accounts of Muslim classmates telling them the bullying will stop when they convert. The negative experiences of Hindu pupils in the UK are compounded by an often-biased approach to teaching Hinduism and probable ignorance on the part of teachers as to what anti-Hindu hate looks like. An Abrahamic bias is seen to inform teaching in some schools and has been seen to directly feed into the prejudice Hindus are facing. This is fermented by communal conflicts originating in the sub-continent affecting how some Muslim pupils are treating Hindu peers in the classroom. Much of which passes under the radar.

In Leicester it comes down to political sensitivities and votes. Media platforms have “Islamophobia” fatigue, concerned that any mention of Islamist extremism may have them branded racist.Then there is the fact that Hindus simply do not make up a large enough proportion of the votes, therefore when self-proclaimed Muslim spokespersons say that the “Muslim community” wants firmer action taken against “Hindutva”, the politicians appease.

The press coverage over the civil unrest in Leicester was a tragic missed opportunity. The parroting of the accusation of Hindutva extremism without a shred of evidence has gravely impacted on the lives of Hindus; temples across the countryfaced protest and threats of protest. The Hindu community have been left feeling unprotected, watching those that were key in spreading misinformation against them, endorsed by those in political power.

Now with Rishi Sunak as Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister,the spotlight will inevitably turn to Hinduism in the UK, but will we see a continued hunt for Hindu extremism or a much needed address of anti-Hindu hate?

Will the first report into anti-Hindu hate in the UK see the press take the opportunity to right Leicester’s wrongs? We will wait and watch to see whether now, with such damning figures to hand,concerns over anti-Hindu hate in the UK will be taken seriously.

* Charlotte Littlewood is a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society. She is a PhD candidate in Arab and Islamic studies with the University of Exeter. Her research focuses on minority within Muslim minority conflict in the UK. A former Counter-Extremism Coordinator for an East London Borough, Charlotte then founded her own community interest company with the aim of countering extremism and promoting equality, focusing on women’s rights and tackling domestic violence and working towards greater tolerance and cohesion between communities in the UK.

Charlotte has an LLB in Law and MA in Security and Strategy.
Feb 16, 2009
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UK: Rise of Islamist forces and growing Grooming Gang’s Jihad

For decades, Muslim immigrants have treated white girls in the UK as sex slaves and justified their acts on the ground that victims were Kafirs.
Feb 16, 2009
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By emphasising Pakistani origin of some perpetrators, Suella Braverman exposed an entire community to racial strife

paki press angry for pointing out pakistani grooming gangs and ignoring the rape of young girls

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