Ugandan AF pilot training facilities


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Jun 4, 2018
The Ugandan People's Defence Force has upraded its training facilities at Gulu Air Base in the Northern region. The information was released when President Yoweri Museveni visited for the graduation of 18 cadets and 20 technicians on 6 November. According to the protographs base houses a simulator, which is a part of a training center. The training center was constructed by the Bulgarian company Jostov and Son. The company provides training, maintenance, and infrastructure services to AF.

During the visit President Museveni was also shown a new VOR/DME radio beacon to enable pilots and groun controllers to accurately plot aircraft locations.

The Ugandan People's Defence Force - Air Force has also aquired additional L-39 jets, which can be used as the lead-in trainer for its fleet of 5 Su-30MK2 combat aircraft and as a light attack aircraft. 6 L-39 aircraft were seen in the protographs of Museveni's visit, with at least 1 displayed with air-to-surface rocket pods and a 23 mm twin-barrel gun, confirming it to be an L-39ZA variant.

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