U.S. gave Pakistan Cobra helicopter squadron


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Dec 17, 2009
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U.S. gave Pakistan a squadron of attack helicopters AH-1F Cobra, said the Pakistani agency Online International News Network. The exact number of machines is not called, but the composition may include a squadron of 14 to 16 helicopters. Ministry of Defense of Pakistan intends to use the new helicopters to combat terrorism.

In addition to the helicopters themselves, the U.S. gave Pakistan $ 75 million to repair and modernization of helicopters, AH-1, already in the Air Forces of the country. As of January 2010, as part of Pakistan Air Force were 18 helicopters AH-1S and eight AH-1F. Obviously, the U.S. allocated funds will be used to modernize AH-1S to version F.

According to military sources relied upon by the Pakistani agency, until 2015 the USA also intend to convey to Pakistan several parties twin-engine helicopters AH-1Z SuperCobra. How many helicopters will pass, not reported.

AH-1F is capable of speeds up to 277 kilometers per hour and to fly a distance of 510 kilometers. Helicopter crew consists of two people: the pilot and gunner. The helicopter is armed with a triple-20-millimeter cannon and has a four point suspension for Hydra 70 unguided rockets or anti-tank missiles.

Source: Lenta.ru

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