Two shot dead on US military bus at German airport


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Apr 7, 2010
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Two shot dead on US military bus at German airport

FRANKFURT: Two people were killed on Wednesday and two seriously injured in a shooting on board a bus carrying US military personnel at Frankfurt airport, police said.

"Everything happened on board the bus," police spokesman Juergen Linker told AFP. "The suspected gunman has been arrested. There are two dead and two seriously injured."

The spokesman added that there was no exchange of fire on board the bus in the incident outside Terminal Two of the airport in western Germany, and that the suspect was arrested by German police.

He was unable to confirm that the killed and injured were US military personnel nor reports that the person arrested was a 21-year-old Kosovan.

Reports also said that one of those killed was the bus driver. Large numbers of US troops are based in Germany including at the Ramstein airbase near Frankfurt.

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