Turkey: TAI TFX Fighter Program


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May 8, 2019
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Okay so I will start the analysis if the TAI TFX as requested by the mokomon well accordingly to my sister the design of the aircraft emphasizes on mostly on as a weapons carry platforms as a inductor aircraft and strike aircrafts not as a air fighter air supervisory or dog fighter well the reason behind this in the engine as the Turkish design philosophy had an emphasis on that the stealth aircraft role would be of an stealth sniper not of a stealth dominator the engine they could develop or purchase could not be enough to provide enough thrust to weight ratio for to be a able dog fighter and the main role would be of mainly as I mentioned above the arcraft wing designed for an high angle of attack even it it is not meant to be a dog fighter it could be useful in a bombing role similar to the f 35 but they thought even the f 35 could have problem with its size and shape so they decided to design a aircraft with similar role with a different design philosophy with a more manurable aircraft for the BVRM tole not for close dog fight's but mostly it emphasizes is the the design gives a more prefarance to a BVRM's role as already emphasizes that they believe in a more combat to take place in the realm of BVRM's and pesb in the close proximity unlike our philosophy the aircraft has a shallow weapons bay but has enogh space to carry large bombs or missile's but a major problem that my sister reconigned was the placement of the air intake according to the current model of 1:1 full scale no DSI was shown that is good considering the layout of the air intake but some one would say it' air intake is similar to the the F 22's but it's not the shape size and placement is totally different from the f 22 air intakes and the aircraft engine is not decided this coul be a big challenge while they may have to completely re design the air intake if they changes the engine mid way as it could not be able to carry sufficient air flow to the engine well it is not meant to be a air superiority fighter accordingly to the TAI's but the sufficient flow of air is vital and while they have increased the length mig the intake from the front to the engine's which is now a necessary design element's for stealth aircraft's but their problem does not lie that much with the length of the air intake which is necessary for a stable supply of air in the intake but the layout of the front that could be a major case of concern the other part where the aircrafts lacks I would mention it later you think what is the problem with the dsi well it's the air that suck's into the intakes gets reduced so you need to create the air intake according to the size to your engine If your intake large bumps and smaller outlet compared to the dsi of f 35 to j 20's could mean low air will get at lower speed that could be the reason the tai have not designed the dsibintake for the aircraft well it ia an useful tool for stealth could be they thought that the dsi would have little effect on the stealth but the aircraft does not need to worry as it role is not meant to be agile fighter but rather as an stealth weapons carry platform but still the air intake position and the placement could hart and derail the whole aircrafts development if it ever take off from it's current place
that is one LOOOO........OOONG statement. Maybe you ought to break it down first!!!

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