Turkey Syria Earthquake 2023


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Sep 20, 2020
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Real shallow display of Turkey diplomacy despite India helping so much.
Now folks will say koi gussa nai.


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Jul 4, 2013
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muh shatru-bodh moment #69,420 lmao
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couldn't let the "urge to sting" go even after getting muh hoomanitarian halp lol

@indiatester and you wanted me to behave and mods banned me from posting here and what not
ab bhugto
Buddy, I wanted us not to appear petty with unnecessary comments.
I have no doubts about the Al-Taqqiya practice. But, we as a society don't have the victim-card that they posses.
I am 100% sure that if a natural disaster strikes our country, they will say it is because ola is punishing us kafirs.

Unfettered comments are fine in private. In public forums like this, they only serve as literature to paint all of our country as cruel.
They use the same to influence our young and commie minded that RW is bad and their natural friend is RoP or RoL.

Me asking you and others to pull the punches was just to create our own atrocity literature without giving them a chance to label us.

Now you can bash on any peaceful or commie with what we did and what they did when they come for any debate. (like you are doing to me now.... not that I am commie)

One additional point. We need to continue to send help when needed (to those willing) to build some goodwill.
Israel continues to support us even though we end up voting against it many times. They (and us) had to build this relationship through such contradictory actions. One of their people could have as well said that Indians are going to stab us in the back and lets not build any relationship.
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