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Dec 17, 2009
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TOR-M2 Air Defence demonstration

The main differences compared with the Tor-M1 - increased fire performance with 10-12 targets a minute to 20. " 9M331 missiles can fly out of the containers in less than four seconds as it was before, but now it is not less than two," - said deputy chief designer of the Moscow Research Institute of Electro (NIEMI) Valentin Osipov.

Doubly has expanded the work of the phased array (PAR) for better coverage. Replaced by a more productive and aerial search purposes. Computer system translated into solid high-performance digital computers, which are now widely used in the Russian army. Optical sight beefed up by thermal imager.

"Typically, when our missiles fly, planes disappear. They feel light, that are taken to support, well and make the corresponding conclusions, - said General Director of JSC IEMZ DOME "Sergei Vasiliev. - Not noticed there will be no one air facility. Tor-M2E "detect, recognize and analyze the whole situation around. And he can do it either on site or in motion. Such a machine - unique in the world no other.

"This machine - a new word in defence, because of these characteristics, no one has or plans to have in the near future", - confirmed Osipov.
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