ToI's coverage to previous GTF-DFI debate.


Feb 19, 2009
as GTF and DFI enter the second online debate between its members from India and China, here is a look into the coverage the previous debate got from main stream media group, the Times of India. back then the collaboration between GTF and DFI had not been announced, but this time as we forge ahead together, this contest has all the ingredients of making it as a hot and spicy talk in the cyber space, as it will stand witness on how two hugely successful civilizations can succeed when hand in hand.

back then amongst the four debaters who were declared winners after a hotly contested debate happened to be one of our own, the moderator of DFI, Tarunraju.


BEIJING: Global Times, a newspaper linked to the Communist Party of China, has initiated an Internet debate on whether India and China are partners or competitors.

"A debate themed "Are China and India competitors or partners?" is going on at the forum of the website, Please join us now!,” the paper’s website announced at the top of the web page inviting readers to join the discussion.

The debate comes soon after three other topics discussed on the newspaper’s forum. They are: “Will India be a big threat to China?”; “The China-India border conflict again!” and “Will India attack China?”.

Though readers are free to propose new threads for discussion and carry forward the debate, it is clear that the newspaper is encouraging India-China relationship to be discussed by putting up the announcement on the top of front page of its website.

An editorial, “India’s unwise military moves” published in June had remained at the top of the list of most discussed editorials on the newspaper’s web site for months. The paper also carried out an online poll in June, which showed that “90 per cent of participants believe India poses a big threat to China after India announced it would dispatch 60,000 troops to the border with China”.

Interestingly, a large number of readers responding to the debates say the two countries should learn to live peacefully for the good of the region and the world as a whole.

One of the readers has published detailed maps and drawings on India’s defense capabilities at the forum while trying to prove that India is powerful enough for China to be worried about.


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Feb 16, 2009
this was great and hopefully the later events will be covered in due course of time
just goes on to show how a mature platform has excelled in its own way


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Oct 2, 2009
Are there any links to view the last debate. ?

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