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Apr 17, 2010
Two of my threads were closed recently i have no say in conduction of forum matters but i feel the need to ask if this is the norm here or opening of threads limited to certain members only

1.cold start doctrine thread was closed with a warning that it was improper and insulting calling names .... i got the point although i kept telling that my focus was on the technical aspects and not on the language used never the less

2. the origin of indian agni missile thread closed even after posting the link with the reason cited as Nonsense which i fail to understand even after providing adequate link backing my claim and also a testimonial from a related source
may i ask why is the thread nonsense cant people discuss the facts would have been happy if members proved me wrong with their arguments rather than closing the thread

3.links from times of india and the hindu both indian newspapers arent considered valid here my 3rd thread closed now
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Feb 16, 2009
M.Riaz if this is your first visit to this place i advice you take a look around the forum before posting and how members post here and what is tolerated and what not i am sure before registering you had clicked on the rules but have not read them so please read the rules first secondly our policies are clear and simple we are not after the number of posts or threads we value content more than the figures thats why many of your posts contained contents that were considered below par to forum standards that we maintain here let me also assure you that your nationality is not the criteria of judgement post something valued however much it might be directed against india and you will find many logical answers and points
the dfi is an experience dont misuse it make a tour around and get to better posting


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Feb 21, 2009
Mr Riaz, You should Understand that we only allow Quality Articles to be posted here. We wouldnt allow an article abusing pakistanis/chinese even if its from our own Media outlets. We believe in Respect here at DFI. Your articles, though some sound okay, were pretty filthy with the language used. The Word Bharati is not an abuse, but the way its used by Pakistanis make it an Abuse. The writers of these purposefully twise around the words to make it derogatory. Also, we dont like serious topic being posted from Blogs.

We are Unbiased in our approach, and people who know our forum well will vouch for it. You can argue, and you can disprove anyone here, with Sane Language, Links, and other materials. No one will stop you. God Speed
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