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Jul 20, 2009
Some of you maybe thinking what i am trying to say with the thread title "Home" in a defence forum. As the name implies, this is about our home, not our India and not your Pakistan or China, its about the place we all call home proudly, yes its about Earth. I am dedicating this thread for Our mother Earth by posting a documentary about Earth named "Home". If you havent seen it yet, you are missing something. If you have seen it, then what are u waiting for. This documentary is certainly the No.1 documentary ive ever seen in my life and i am taking it as my duty to spread this video to everybody i know. Watch it, u will forget about the weapons buildups and defence deals for one and half hours and could probably change the way u look at earth for ever. yes these are my words from heart and trust me on this, after watching this documentary, i know i never be the same.

If we miss this oppertunity, then we r heading to the wrong side of history


YouTube - HOME (English with subtitles)

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