Things We Should Never Take For Granted


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Jul 2, 2011
I often see people taking things for granted in everyday life or moan a lot about in everyday life. I think if people keep these things in perspective we would be wiser to ourselves and to eachother, so thought of sharing this with you all:

Things we should never take for granted:
1. We have a decent home to live in and a nice comfortable bed to sleep in.

Some people don't even have a blanket or mat to lay on while they sleep. Some live in infested and degrading locations.

2. We have our choice of foods to eat and still make a fuss

Some people eat food from the garbage cans, some of which has already gotten musty and stale.

3. We have our hands, legs, and all parts of our body perfectly normal - yet we keep complaining about how our hands and legs hurt if someone asks for help

There are so many people who have either by accident or by birth no proper limbs or even paralysis, yet they come forward to help whenever they can.

4. We have enough money to buy our basic needs and save some, yet keep complaining about not having enough and that giving to charity would be near to impossible.

I have known of quite a few people who do end up giving every last bit of their savings just so that someone else may eat or have a decent education.

5. So often, we take education for granted.not wishing to study further.

There are so many poor children who desire the knowledge and learning from school and can't even afford it. Think about it, we have so many illiterate children and adults all around us. There have been instances where these children yearn to see even torn and dog eared story books.

6. We complain we don't have enough clothes, when most of us have at least a 2 door wardrobe.

Some people have torn and dirty clothes (actually rags) on their feet and body. Why not donate some of your used and old clothes, if you don't need them any more. It would help protect themselves against the weather.

7. We often complain about our children to others about them not being the best of the best.

Some people don't even have any children and wish so much for at least one. More often than not, I have seen so many mothers with special needs children who are extremely happy and understanding of their children, regardless of the challenges and hardships they've had to face. Learn to appreciate what your children are, no matter what.

8. Most of us wish for the latest cell phone or bigger TVs, media players, etc..

Some people don't even have that option, even in today's world, they don't know what a TV is, let alone a projector or your media players and DVD players. Think about it, are these really necessary to be King sized...

9. Our parents and family are one of the few things we take for granted - we always expect them to support us even after all the ridicule and humiliation we put them through.

Think about the children in the orphanages, children being abused and children whose parents have divorced or just left them high and dry. They long so much for a systematic and functional family who loves them unconditionally.

10. And last but not least, we mostly ignore or ill treat our pets, considering they will remain with us.

Do remember most pets, especially cats and dogs, have a relatively shorter life span when compared to us and to return for their loyalty we owe it to them to keep them happy and healthy and give them the best life possible while they are around.

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