The USA bombing of the moon is a weapons system test.


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Mar 21, 2009
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The bombing of the moon is a weapons system test.

Have you ever heard of "Rods from God" well its a bomb without being a bomb that packs the same punch as a nuke, without the radioactive fallout. Basically its a large metallic rod that falls to earth (or the moon in this case) from space and using kinetic energy becomes almost like a "smart" asteroid that could wipe out an entire city. Think about it... they expect this 2 ton metal hunk to cause a 5 mile wide crater on the moon, and the moon has only a fraction of the gravitational pull of the earth.

This weapons test could not be conducted on earth without raising red flags... so under the guise of NASA they concocted this story of trying to find water on the moon, despite the fact that India has already done so without needing to blow it up.

With this weapon the USA can destroy any city on earth without leaving any traces of evidence of who is responsible for the attack and without causing nuclear fallout to affect the surrounding area/nations.

Heres a link about the "rods from god" weapons system project.

The New York Times...

The Weekly Standard...
The Rods from God


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Dec 26, 2009
The system would likely be comprised of tandem satellites, one serving as a communications platform, the other carrying an indeterminate number of tungsten rods, each up to 20 feet in length and 1 foot in diameter. These rods, which could be dropped on a arget with as little as 15 minutes notice, would enter the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 36,000 feet per second--about as fast as a meteor. Upon impact, the rod would be capable of producing all the effects of an earth-penetrating nuclear weapon, without any of the radioactive fallout. This type of weapon relies on kinetic energy, rather than high-explosives, to generate destructive force .


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Oct 10, 2009
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A graphic representation of a "kinetic bombardment satellite".

The spotter satellite and the gun

The Rods from god is not a new concept , it was first put down as aconcept for kinetic bombardment by gerry pournelle while he was working with boeing in the 50's.
as of now the system is far-away from deployment if ever deployed at all, the prohibitive cost of launching 2 tons of tungsten to space(and that's just one rod) would be topmost on the list secondly the targeting system of such rods would vaporize or at the very least be blinded by the plasma generated on reentry.
ever seen a meter come down it never comes down in a straight line, the jetstreams and other high speed winds in the atmosphere move ita abuffet it similar effect can be expected of the rods.i.e with current technology the rods will be more expensive than nukes and more inaacurate.

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