The Soldier's Guide - US Army (PDF)


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Sep 28, 2011
FM 7-21.13, The Soldier's Guide, is a pocket reference for subjects in which all soldiers must maintain proficiency, regardless of rank, component or military occupational specialty (MOS). It condenses information from other field manuals, training circulars, soldier training publications, Army regulations, and other sources. It addresses both general subjects and selected combat tasks. While not all-inclusive or intended as a stand-alone document, the guide offers soldiers a ready reference in many subjects.

FM 7-21.13 is divided into seven chapters. Chapter 1 describes the importance of Army Values and the obligations of every soldier. Chapter 2 provides a short history of the Army and examines the environment in which it operates. Chapter 3 addresses the duties, responsibilities and authority of the soldier, how to present a military appearance, and an introduction to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The importance of customs, courtesies, and traditions is in Chapter 4. The soldier's role in training and a brief description of training management are in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 discusses the importance of counseling and professional development. The benefits of serving in the Army are described in Chapter 7. The appendices contain specific combat tasks that are important to every soldier and information on programs the Army offers to assist soldiers and their family members.

The Soldier's Guide provides information critical to the success of soldiers in the operational environment. Reading this manual will help prepare soldiers for full spectrum operations and is a tool in building the Future Force soldier. This book will be useful to every soldier who reads it.

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