The shamal and the monsoon - story by our own F-14//F-14B


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May 21, 2016
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On telegram one of the founding member of DFI, Kiran Suresh aka @F-14 or @F-14B here, asked me to put his new literature work on DFI on his behalf since he isn't able to access his accounts, although i am quite newcomer compared to him and hasn't read much of his previous work but those who're at least from 2016 era know him very well from his work Operation Obsidion Hunter ( here ) so i hope his new work also get similar response form our side.

So let's begin!

The shamal and the monsoon

Chapter 1 - The News

It was 3:17 pm as Karan sat in his room working on his computer he was busy chatting with his friends as the song
Maria Maria went on it was a common thing to do for him ever since degree course at the prestigious University of wolongon off campus in Dubai which he had passed with distinction

With the ac and music blasting he was in his zone it was then he heard his mom calling him
Exasperated he got off the computer after typing a Curt brb
He hated when she asked him to just come and did not tell him what was the matter
She always did this when she had some thing that was important
And how he hated it

He automatically based on muscle memory searched for his mother in the kitchen but couldn’t find her there
But he still made it a point take the red-bull can that he had kept in the fridge to be chilled

Standing there he thought about the last day with his friends out of these he remembered a special person Ivory
Karan and Ivory had been good friends to such an extant that there were rumors doing the rounds at the college that they were a couple .

And some how it had reached his house too and he shuddered at the the literal hurricane that it had caused and the 3 hour long speech that his mom and his dad had given him

From what he could learn her parents were cool with it

But they were just that good friends but what made Karan remember Ivory at this point in time was the fact that she had told him some thing that sounded prophetic to Karan at the time though he had laughed it off at the time even 2 weeks down the line
The words had not lost its weight she had told him this in person “ Karan your life's going to change and you will come back here but before that you will go to india the next phase of your life is in India”

Right as he was caught up in the thought his mom called his name Karan come here right now

Grumbling how idiotic it was under his breath he walked towards the massive living cum dining room

To find his sister Kripa sitting there who looked at him with a devilish smile that made him smile and a quick retort formed on his lips “ whats its little monkey whats on your mind”
To which she replayed “ well sit there is a bomb coming your way chetta ”

Karan shuddered at the way Kripa threw the word chetta at him

But planning to ignore her Karan opened his can of Red-bull and took his first sip from the can when his mother came and sat on the chair next to him and looked at both him and Kripa

Before speaking she looked at Karan and stopped a bit before making a face of disgust on the can of red-bull in his hands

Which Karan also noticed and deiced to truly ignore

After the delay his mom started to talk “ Karan I and your father have decided to send you to Kerala for further studies as we have decided that you need a taste real life and not only that you should also know how to live in Kerala after-all it is where we are to go back to and we cant live here for ever” the lance was deafening in the room both of them waited for Karan to explode when that didn’t happen his mother continued “ achan has already booked your ticket stay at our flat” Karan stood up and silently went to his room the speech from his mom had rocked his world to the core he put the AC back on and closed the chat box after saying the obligatory good beys

He looked at the computer and noted that the time was 5:48pm
He couldn’t comprehend what just happened he was going to India for his further studies

Even though he was angry no flipping boiling these people just tell them what to do

He would take it up with his dad he waited for his dad to come
He turned to a song that he always turned to when he was stressed a remixed version of NIT KHAIR MANGA he turned up the volume and laid back on his bead

And closed his eyes

Soon the he drifted to sleep in which he remained for an hour

But today Karan was just quite when his father started to talk

“ Karan amma might told you no we are sending you to India”

Karan had enough and just exploded

“ yes right just like with every thing why don’t you guys ask me weather I want to go or not I have lived my life for the past 17 years here this is my land my roots are here and you want to just pack me off to your place just because I don’t know your point of view on life I don’t want to go acha I just don’t want to go”
Mr suresh smiled Karan was his son after all he knew he would see reason he always would at the end of an argument

And then he started to speak

“ look Karan look at this way look at it as an adventure the UAE is a comfortable box for you dear go to Kerala and look
You will come to appreciate it take it up as a challenge dear”

Karan was not having anything to do with it

“listen dad I am not going and besides tell me a thing if your place was so good then why did you come to the gulf
Why didn’t you just sat there instead of now giving me all this rose tinted nonsense”

At this Karan knew that he had screwed up but he was a man and he would take it on the chin

His father launched in to a torrent “ listen here mister Karan suresh you are nothing but an self entailed fellow who does not know a thing about real life you are nothing but a cry baby who will not even survive a day in India”

Ending his torrent Karan’s father stormed out of the room

For Karan this was the ultimate humiliation he was not going to back down after all he too was his father’s son
He will prove him wrong if it was the last thing he would do

he made himself stoic and marched to the living room
And asked his father to accompany him to his room
At which his mother became anxious but he assured her of no ills or no fights will brake out

But this did not satiate his mother who accompanied them to Karan's room

Once in the room he closed the door and spoke in the most stoic voice that his parents had heard him use

“ Fine dad I will take your challenge I will show you what I am made off I will go to Kerala and I will show you that I will live there”

Mr suresh smiled at his son and said to him
“ I knew you would come around here is the ticket you have 2 days and say your good byes to your friends”

Undenounced to Karan this decision would have far reaching consequence to his life but then that was in the future but for today he laid down to sleep

Up above in the sky the fates smiled a cruel and devious smile as they spun two yarns together

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