The Book of Vasili Mitrokhin Archive II and the KGB Agents in India.


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May 19, 2017
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Excerpts from book by Vasili Mitrokhin talk about how KGB penetrated our government, Parliament, Intelligence agencies, police and media.

According to KGB files, by 1973 it had ten Indian newspapers on its payroll (which cannot be identified for legal reasons) as well as a press agency under itscontrol. 65 During 1972 the KGB claimed to have planted 3,789 articles in those newspapers.
It seemed like the entire country was for sale; the KGB-and the CIA -haddeeply penetrated the Indian government. After a while neither side entrusted sensitiveinformation to the Indians, realizing their enemy would know all about it the next day.

The KGB, in Kalugin's view, was more successful than the CIA, partly because or its skillin exploiting the corruption which became endemic under Indira Gandhi's regime.

The KGB was also confident of its ability to organize mass demonstrations in Delhi andother major cities. In 1969, for example Andropov informed the Politburo, ‘TheKGB residency in India has the opportunity to organize a protest demonstration of up to 20,000 Muslims in front of the US embassy in India

Suitcases full of banknotes were said to be routinely taken to the Prime Minister'shouse. Former Syndicate member 5. K. Patil is reported to have said that Mrs.Gandhi did not even return the suitcases.

The emergency ended as suddenly as it had begun. On 18 January 1977 Mrs. Gandhiannounced that elections would be held in March. Press censorship was suspended andopposition leaders released from house arrest. The New Delhi main residency, like Mrs.Gandhi, was overconfident about the outcome at the election. To ensure success itmounted a major operation, codenamed KASKAD, involving over 120 meetings withagents during the election campaign. Nine of the Congress (R) candidates at theelections were KGB agents.
Files noted by Mitrokhin also identify by name twenty-oneof the non-Communist politicians (four of them ministers) whose election campaignswere subsidized by the KGB

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