Thales made Norway's NORMANS Future Soldier System


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Dec 17, 2009
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Thales has developed a tactical command and control system NORMANS for the Defense of Norway

TSAMTO , June 30 . The Norwegian unit of Thales Group will soon sign with the Norwegian Ministry of Defense contract to supply the Norwegian Arctic modular network system serviceman »NORMANS infantry (Norwegian Modular Arctic Network Soldier system).

This system represents a unique set of digital equipment that integrates the individual soldier in a networked command and control .

According to the representative of the company , the first production will be comparatively small . However, by the end of the year is expected to sign a contract for the mass production of complete sets of NORMANS.

Receiving the first order should be for the successful conduct during the October 2009 complex tests whose purpose was to assess the reliability and functionality of the new kit . The culmination of testing has been a comparative test , in which the effectiveness of fitted NORMANS infantry units were 40% higher than in units with standard weapons and communications .

NORMANS Infatnry Kit is designed to equip infantry units. Its foundation is connected with the radio RF-78000S by company Harris Corp. . " monochrome handheld computer in a secure execution , which is usually worn on the wrist . With built-in GPS navigation kit automatically transmits location data to military and deployment of its forces , and can be used to send and receive short text messages.

The commander of the department , in addition , can receive information about the location of enemy positions and transmit the received data on computers set NORMANS of his subordinates .

Weight set of NORMANS is about 500 grams, still weighs 375 g set of batteries for its power supply.


Background of NORMANS

Thales prime on NORMANS Company delivery and support

02. September 2009

Thales Norway AS signed a contract in July 2009 for delivery of NORMANS C4I system for company trials headed by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. Thales Norway AS will deliver systems and support for troop trials this autumn, together with the key subcontractor Teleplan Globe AS. The contract confirms that Thales Norway AS continues to be a key player in the Soldier modernisation Programme for Norwegian Defence Forces.

NORwegian Modular Arctic Network Soldier (NORMANS) is currently a conceptual approach developed by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (NDRE), supporting the future Norwegian soldier system. The concept covers all the five NATO defined capability areas; lethality, survivability, sustainability, mobility and C4I. The soldier's performance in all capability areas, is significantly increased based on improved situational awareness, better protection, greater emphasis on human factors and an improved weapon system.

The C4I concept answers the main requirements stated in six simple questions:

- Where am I?
- Where are my friends?
- Where is the enemy?
- Where am I tasked to be?
- When am I tasked to be in a new position?
- What is my task?

User trials and analyses done by TRADOK and NDRE in 2002 — 2005, based on R&D equipment, clearly concluded that individual soldiers do not benefit from all functionality needed at the commander level and thus 2 systems are required; the Commander (Advanced) and soldier (Light).

The trials will take place at the Rena Combat Training Centre utilising the fully instrumented training area where the position of all units, use of weapons and casualties can be monitored. Additional information will be gathered by observers following the commanders and questionnaires to commanders and soldiers.

Previous platoon level trials of the NORMANS Light prototype system indicated that the use of NORMANS system gives a 30-40% reduction in navigation time in a dismounted patrol scenario and that the use of the commander system gives much improved capability to coordinate own forces.

Trials in both an Operations Other Than War (OOTW) dismounted infantry scenario and a Warfighting mechanized scenario will be performed at Company group level in October 2009. According to current plans, the procurement of the NORMANS C2 concept will be initiated in 2010 based on the overall outcome of the NORMANS Company programme.

High focus at Thales Norway
Thales Norway has been contracted by NDRE in several stages during the NORMANS C4I programme starting with the early R&D programme in 2001, the establishment of the C4I concept in 2005 and now a formal integrated test, evaluation and validation program that will conclude in 2009. "Soldier modernization system is a high- priority area from our side, and we are pleased to play a key role in the process giving the Norwegian soldier better capabilities when it comes to situational awareness in the future, says Glenn Pedersen, managing director of Thales Norway AS.

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