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Nov 10, 2020
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And there have been three attempts in three days to divert attention towards India.
1) an old Baloch rally with Indian flag, edited to look like TLP rally
2) whatsapp groups with India numbers
3) today major gaurav arya targeted

Do note tlpfags was also a major political force in porkystan in 2018 also.
The chooran that was keeping them hold together was the larp of 1 moslame = 100 hindu yahudi.
The same chooran is now choking the shit out of inbreds.
Tlp **** are synonyms to bone marrow cancer. It will screw inbreds from within.
The bankruptcy of porkies has made it a fatal combination.
Icu ward mein bhi paise lagte hain janab. Ghaans khakar cancer ka ilaaj kaise karega porky?
Also did you notice the majority of tlp **** is 'youth' of porkystan.
Abdul puncture wala ka beta bhi baap ko piche chod diya.
Now porkies need another chooran to hide their own fuck ups.

So they put the blame on R and Aw and Gaurav Arya ji.
Nothing new .

Retarded inbreds believe its gonna make tlp happy. :rofl:

Rassil Krishnan

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Apr 16, 2019
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India should work on the narrative of outright fascism rather than using the terms like jihadis, jamatis for TLP imo. This should be portrayed as brutal suppression of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and outright genocide against those who are against the fascist pakistani government. This should be the narrative rather than civil war...Pakistan would gladly want others to push the agenda that they are suppressing extremist, idea should be that we state that those are not extremists but peacefully demonstrating groups.
That would not be good as true fascism would actually be light years better than islamic shariat rule of law.stop elevating islam and insulting fascism.

Islam should be called,it's super overvalued softpower should be absolutely obliterated,then all will fall into place even in our own country.if the heroism and so called false victimhood mentality of islamic hordes are punctured,then their combat capabilities and soft power capabilities will be forever blunted .these events in pak are conducive to this.no need to divert the rage to islam.i would rather have china or Nazi Germany take over the world than leave the world to these degenerates.they have no nice future vision for the world even partly agreeing with my sensibilities.


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Mar 24, 2019
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They exactly know how to guilt trap westerners .


Maitreya Shyam

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Apr 12, 2021
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They'll be fine. They'll be 'extracted' from the country quietly. Pakjabi faujis will provide assistance for sure.
Lekin bhaiya ye sawal to islam ka hai agar kisi yahudi ya raw ke agent ne islam ke name pe ek sainik ko bhadka diya to , to phir ambassador to giyo
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