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Jul 27, 2009
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What the Tata Nano is like: Owners speak!
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Ashok Vichare, Mumbai

Ashok Vichare is enjoying his 'celebrity' status, thanks to a little wonder called the Tata Nano. Vichare is the first owner of the Tata Nano in India and he has travelled 1,000 km already in it. Wherever he goes, people rush to see the car. "College and school students go crazy seeing the car," he says.

He is very possessive about the car and does not even like his daughter driving it. Although he once had to let her drive it, he concedes. And he does not even let anyone else wash the car: he does it himself!

"It is a fantastic car, very comfortable and gives a good mileage," says an excited Vichare, who works with the Customs.

Best thing about the Nano?

Its affordability, good pick up, mileage, good air-conditioning system. It also requires lesser parking space and the service it gives is worth the price. It can go up to a speed of 100 km. It's a beautiful, light vehicle good for a family.

What don't you like about the Nano or would liked for it to have?

I would have liked to have a side-view mirror on the left side and a drawer (glove compartment) to keep papers, etc.

How many kilometres has it run?

I completed 1,000 kilometres. I was sceptical about driving the Nano in the steep ghats when I went for a drive from Khopoli to Pune (near Mumbai). But it was a great experience. I faced no problem and I enjoyed a smooth ride.

Is this your first car?

This is my first car. I am enjoying every single ride in it. Many foreigners -- from the United States, France, Germany, et cetera -- have visited my place. It is great to see so much interest in the car. At traffic signals, I am the centre of attraction.

What has been your family's reaction to it? What about neighbours?

Family is very excited, so are the neighbours. Many of them asked me to let them drive the car, but I haven't allowed yet. People have different driving styles and ultimately that affects a car. So it's best I keep it for myself.

Any fears about the car?

We bought the car without any test drive. I have complete faith in (Tata Group chairman) Ratan Tata's car.

Mileage? 22-23 kmpl

How comfortable? How many can sit?
It can seat 5 people. It is spacious. (i doubt you can have 5 people sit in Nano comfortably)

City or long drive?
I used it for, both, city and long drives.

Model, price: LX Lunar silver colour, Rs 1.85 lakh. I took a loan from the State Bank of India.

Bharat was lucky to get the first Nano car in Bangalore. "Frankly, I did not expect so much. The car will surely become a super hit," says an optimistic Bharat, who is a software engineer at Oracle.

This Nano is Bharat's gift to his father. He wants his father to use the Nano as it is easy to drive. He plans to take the Nano on a long drive to Pondicherry.

"Six of my father's friends are planning to book for the Nano after seeing our car. I have not seen any other car in Bangalore so far that gets so much attention on the road. Some people in fact said, 'Oh, it's steel! We thought it would have a plastic body'," says Bharat who also owns a Maruti Swift.

The only problem he faced so far is with the AC duct. "The AC duct's plastic guard came off. After the first servicing, they did not change it as the workshop did not have a spare. They have promised to replace it soon. I hope they do. Other than that, the car is a good deal, good value for money," says Bharat.

Best thing about the Nano?

Spacious, mileage, good performance. Overall, it is a fantastic car.

What don't you like about the Nano?

Since it has a rear engine, the noise is irritating, especially for people sitting at the back.

How many km run? 1,200 km

Mileage: In the city, about 20.7 km per litre

How comfortable? How many can sit? Five people can sit, it's very comfortable.

What has been your family's reaction to it?

We have a Maruti Swift, but all are more excited about the Nano.

What about neighbours? Do they envy you?

Many of them come to see the car. I have got good feedback from everyone. But after a while, too much attention is disturbing.

Image: Bharath D Brahmakal with his family.
may be we can really judge Nano once it can move in the dirty Indian roads for atleast 50,000km or 1 Lakh kms would be beter. because that is where maintainence issues come up. can nano withstand that, how often it would need maintainence then, the kind of problems and the cost of spare parts/labour of nano would IMO would ultimately be decisive in its race to be leader of Indian market overtaking Maruthi 800 or Alto or entire global market one day. if successful, this car is sure to bring more revolution to Indian market than what Maruthi or Ambassdor did.

i am not aware of this but ppl say Tata Indica failed to impress when it came to market first but later due to better build quality and corrections, it now dominates indian market for long distance travels, taxis, cabs.

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