Survey of India lets SatNav use its maps


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Jun 29, 2009
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Survey of India lets SatNav use its maps

SatNav Technologies, a leader in GPS navigation products, on Monday announced a strategic tie-up with the Survey of India, to use its maps and build value-added products for consumers.

The agreement allows SatNav to release SOI-approved digital maps and custom map content 'within the public domain' for commercial use, in a range of navigation and location-based solutions, in the mobile and personal navigation system, the company said in a statement.

The Survey of India, set up in 1767 and given dedicated focus by Sir George Everest (after whom the mountain is named), has since Independence been notoriously paranoid about releasing accurate geographical details. With this move, it seems to be waking up to market realities - although the 'public domain' clause implies that it will continue to censor the data it releases.

The SatNav release said its mapping would now have 'points of interest' content, greater accuracy, road network validation, and other enhanced content. Its immediate aim was to reach 500 cities and 30,00,000 destinations, the company said, without specifying a time frame for achieving it.

The company made it clear that it would comply with the regulations of the government of India and the provisions of the National Mapping Policy while providing its enhanced services.

SatNav's current offerings include the popular GPS navigation product SatGuide, with variants like solutions for dedicated navigation devices, PDAs, phones, laptops, desktops, an online directions portal,, etc.

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