strategic master-stroke or a strategic blunder


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Feb 16, 2009
recently india has announced withdrawl of a large number of troops from the kashmir valley while this might be a good choice but we can never forget kargil and likes of such incidents repeating itself will always haunt us and the ongoing turmoil in the neighbourhood is not to be taken lightly

1> did india act on pressure from the US regarding this this will make the US put pressure on pakistan shift for forces to the western border?

2>wont the whole region be affected in the near future if the NATO led forces decide to leave?

3>withdrawl of forces might be popular but what attempts are made to rehabilitate the kashmiris living else where ?

4> is the local administration competent enough to deal with threats by themselves ?


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Mar 7, 2009
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I dont care about the troops withdrawal until the Army Special Powers Act is still ruling there. The Withdrawal of forces is to make the world feel like we have managed to bring down insurgency and Kashmir valley is more peaceful. The Army otherwise would have totally resisted the move by the government. It is also to call Pakistani Establishment's bluff that it also has to protect its eastern borders.

According to me it is not a strategic master-stroke or a blunder. We do have the capability right now to arm the whole front in a matter of hours and the surveillance has also increased because of technology. The Pakistanis will find it difficult to open other fronts in offense and their best bet is mountain warfare. So this is done because manpower has been replaced by technology.

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