Space History: Russian Soyuz launches European 'Mars Express'- June'2003

chetan chopade

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Feb 6, 2019
Hello guys, I will be showcasing here my old newspaper clipping of ESA (European Space Agency) Mars Express Launch- June'2003. The orbiter is still in operation around Mars, but the lander 'Beagle-2' failed to communicate/continue its mission immediately after safely touching down on the surface.


Date: 2 June 2003
Newspaper: Unknown from India
Language: Marathi
Translation: Successful launch of Europe's ambitious 'Mars Express'

during cold war, European countries used to dread the soyuz rocket thinking that it would carry Russian nuclear weapons. now the same thing has brought success to Europe's first planetary mission- what an irony!
"USA has powerful computers, but Russia has highly intelligent mathematicians", said the European researchers.


Translating the Highlights:

the launch occurred at Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.

an instrument called Beagle-2 is going to land on martian surface. it will do so on 25th Dec'2003-around 8 am IST.

British PM Tony Blair congratulated ESA.

Beagle-2 shall look for water on mars with help of some specific radar device.

an instrument looking like a bicycle wheel is also sent to break the martian rocks and chemically analyze them.

there is global effort going on to know more about planet mars. NASA is also launching its mars mission this month, while Japanese 'Nozomi' spacecraft will fly towards mars in 2004.

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