South Korea's fertility rate falls to lowest in the world


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Aug 16, 2014
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Yes, in USA it is possible because no one in USA is American, all are foreign origin.
Fun Fact: as high as One-third of US population as German origin by mid of 1800s.
There was huge favor and support for Germany before world wars in 1900s.

If US was not involved in World wars they was change they would have supported Germany from outside.


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Mar 30, 2021
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I think inflation rate is the key factor that has thrown the world to the dogs.
In the 1960s a typical American middle class family could have three kids, a housewife, a car and house on loan on the salary of just the husband alone.

We have to high a population in this world. The earth could sustain 3 to 4 billion population with ease but 7 billion is too much.
Also add human greed into it. Idea of women in workforce came from greedy company owners who started to stagnant salaries of employees so it became difficult to raise a family on one salary. greedy economists supported this as increase in productivity per capita. On top of this capitalist culture of more materialism destroyed what was left.

So adding women in workforce increased productivity for western nations but destroyed families, reduced their fertility rate but most importantly it reduced male role in society as a provider and reduced female role as a caretaker. It made both genders obsolete. This resulted into more confusion and more destruction.



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Jun 5, 2017
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Our father used to say that most of our ancestors didn't bother doing jobs because we had enough land to feed us for lifetime i.e., someone who had 25 acres could easily feed 10 mouths and earn from it too.

In 0.5 acre u could get 2ton rice for the family enough for 10 People.

1 acre of land could get u 2 ton of wheat enough for 10 People.

1 acre of land could get u 1.5 ton of potatoes.
1 acre 1.5 ton onion.
0.2 acre 1 ton tomatoes.
0.5 acre to 250 kg sugar.
0.1 acre can produce enough milk to feed a family of 10.
1 acre can produce all kinds of vegetables.
1 acre for fruits

So All around 5 acres for a family of 10.

Moving from agri based to service based has also caused lots of problem.
The population increased but the land didn't.

Today the situation is such that a Indian family has only 0.96 acre land per family.

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