Sindh's Heroic Enigma Called Raja Dahir - 661–712 AD


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Mar 30, 2014
I honestly dont know much about this Last Great Sindh Hindu Ruler called Raja Dahir in the 7th Century AD in Sindh. But supposedly he is very much revered by the Sindhis. There should be some great reason behind it.

And the Problem in Today's Information Age is that there is a Wealth of Information but you really dont know how much of that is True or Biased. I really do not have much trust in Most of the Information Source.

His achievements were ruling Sindh in a Safe and Secure Way for good part of 40 years.
The People were generally Happy Under his Rule
He drive the Bandits away to far corners of his Kingdom.
Sindh was a Prosperous State Under Him.

There are many Accusations against him that he Married his Own Sister , A Hindu doesnt even marry his Own Cousin let alone his Sister. These were the Accusation against him by some Local Chieftain whom he had refused to give away His Sister.

That He was Cruel against Budhists and Non Hindus. Budhism really Flourished Under Dahir in SIndh so this is indeed a Big Lie.

I honestly think he was indeed a Great Sindh Hindu Ruler and he should be given proper Reverance Now.Forget all the Bullshit spoken by the Muslims and the Arabs against Him. They marry their Own Cousins who the hell they are to speak anything about incest. He was accussed of Tyranny but who the hell are they to talk about Tyranny.Budhism Flourished, Bandits flew Away,Sindh was Properous



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Apr 14, 2014
Raja Dahir was follower of orthodox Hinduism and Sindh's large part of population were Buddhists, Buddhists some how helped Arabs.

When Arabs were tired then he should have attacked, instead Raja Dahir went on defensive.

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