Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Delivers 300th UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopter to the U.S. Army


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Jan 26, 2011
Sikorsky Delivers 300th UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopter to U.S. Army

STRATFORD, Conn. --- Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today announced the delivery of the 300th UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter to the U.S. Army. Sikorsky is a United Technologies Corp. company.

"The war-fighter has provided outstanding reviews of the UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter's performance in theater," said Lt. Col. Heyward Wright, Product Manager, representing Col. Thomas Todd of the U.S. Army's Utility Helicopters Project Office. "In my estimation, the UH-60M aircraft sets the standard for a successful utility platform in a combat environment."

Sikorsky began delivering UH-60M aircraft to the U.S. Army in 2006. With a new airframe, avionics and propulsion system, the aircraft is the most modern in a series of Black Hawk variants that Sikorsky has been delivering to the Army since 1978. Sikorsky Aircraft also has delivered UH-60M aircraft to other U.S. federal government agencies, and to international customers.

"The UH-60M platform brings the most up-to-date technology to the war-fighter to keep our troops safe for their diverse missions," said John Palumbo, Sikorsky Vice President, Army Programs. "We continue to receive very positive feedback from the U.S. Army because the UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter provides reduced pilot workload, increased lift, better protection and enhanced survivability. It is a proven, reliable combat aircraft."

Sikorsky is expected to deliver more than 950 UH-60M aircraft to the U.S. Army by 2025. Additionally, the Army plans to buy more than 400 HH-60M MEDEVAC aircraft used to extract wounded troops from the battlefield. Exact procurement numbers year-to-year and across the life of the program will be determined by budget authorizations and specific contract awards.

Sikorsky continues to improve the aircraft via the UH-60M Modernization program. This includes a fly-by-wire flight control system and FADEC-equipped GE-701 engine.

Black Hawk helicopters of all variants flown by the U.S. Army in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of war have accumulated more than one million fleet flight hours without a single Class A material failure. The combined operational sortie rate in both theaters stands at 85 percent. The U.S. Army's total Black Hawk helicopter fleet exceeds 1,945 aircraft.

Source: Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.


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Jan 26, 2011
U.S. Army UH-60M BLACK HAWK Helicopter:


- Machined cabin structure
- Multi-functional and durable 300psi cabin flooring
- Crashworthy Pilot and co-Pilot seats
- Two sliding cargo doors with pop-out egress windows
- Two jettisonable cockpit doors
- Three point dual OLEO landing gear with kneeling capability
- Active vibration control system
- Wire strike protection system
- Integrated Vehicle Health Management System (IVHMS)
- Foldable tail pylon for shipping and storage
- Built-in work platforms, engine cowlings and hydraulic deck
- Foldable stabilator


- Four-axis fully coupled flight director
- Digital map
- Dual embedded global positioning
- Integrated stormscope
- Two UHF/VHF AM/FM radios
- Five digital ICS stations
- Automatic direction finder
- Dual digital flight control computer

Powerplant and fuel system:

- Two T700-GE701D engines
- Auxiliary power unit
- Dual crashworthy and self-sealing fuel tanks, 360 gallons
- Left and right gravity refuel ports
- Single point for close circuit and pressure refueling

Rotor and drive system:

- Improved durability gearbox
- Four wide-chord composite blades
- Foldable main and tail rotor blades
- Dual redundant and isolated flight controls
- Rotor de-icing provisions


- Retractable landing light
- Controllable searchlight
- NVG compatible formation lights
- Portable maintenance light with three receptacles



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Apr 4, 2018
Croatia has been cleared to buy 2 UH-60M utility helos to add tp the two already set to be donated by the US government.

The US State Department approval, announced on 30 October, covers a pair of the latest-variant UH-60Ms, along with other equipment, spares, weapons, trainin and suport. The estimated value of sale is USD115 million.

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