Shia - Sunni conflict


Jul 31, 2015
On the failure to understand the concepts of consequentialist and deontological ethics in a conversation within Sargon of Akkad.

Basically first is deciding something is right or wrong in a vacuum. Second is in context

Ie is killing child right or wrong? Well, former answers yes.

Second it depends is that child mohammad? :)

It's similar to when we say to look at context or cultural context of things. What that guy says about liberal attacking family + India China is true but, India has one thing China doesn't.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Also christianity has same concept, phyletism no different religion for different nation or tribe.

How will secular hindu explain his kul deva devi & Jatheras?

As far as rolling back partition, um logical path is kill those who won't convert to Sikhi & administer territories as separate ie don't remove border controls for centuries.

As far as the o we so smart we trade with Bangladesh etc. Lol out of 20 crore Bangladeshi 5 are in 'India'

Why so concerned about 'partition' only? Fact is, Bharat is vishwamitr & Guru Sahib has ordered raaj in all 14 lokas.

Should be thinking more of how to give convert or die option to Russia America EU than concerned overly about some Paki jihadis.

Their blood will run like water, once war begins.

We will never be secure as long as abrahamic ideology exists that much is clear.

So prepare to eliminate 350-400 crore & assume only 1/1000 will convert.

That is true 'Sikh' path.


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