Seven including five policemen killed in Pishin blast


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Nov 25, 2012
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Seven including five policemen killed in Pishin blast

At least seven persons including five policemen were killed at Saranan Road here in Pishin on Monday when a police van was targeted through a remote-controlled bomb.
According to police sources, a police van was on routine patrolling the area when it was targeted through a remote-controlled device planted along the roadside, killing five policemen and two citizens and injuring many others .
Police and rescue team reached the spot and shifted the injured and dead bodies to nearby hospital.
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has strongly condemned the bomb blast in Pashin which resulted into the loss of precious human lives and injured several others.
Sympathizing with the bereaved families, the Prime Minister prayed to Allah Almighty for to bless the departed souls with eternal peace and grant courage to their families to bear the irreparable loss with fortitude.
The Prime Minister also prayed for the early recovery of those injured in the unfortunate incident.


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Jun 21, 2013
Well see the strong action taken by Nawaz Sharif. He "strongly condemned " the blasts and "prayed to Allah Almighty". I am sure these actions will go a long way towards helping the situation ease in Pakistan, and getting Kashmir from the rotten, ill fed black Indians. Pakistan is a strong nuclear state. Not to be messed with.

The interesting thing is that none of these cases is ever solved. No one knowns who the suicide bomber was or the people who set off the IED mubarak. No one ever finds out. It is all "enemies of Pakistan" and "enemies of Allah". The truth that no Pakistani will ever admit is that the people who carry out these attacks are fighting in the name of Islam, fighting enemies of Islam, to impose sharia and to set up a Caliphate. And guess what? the Pakistani army which is now being attacked by these very pious Muslims claims to fight for Islam, fight the enemies of Islam and Pakistan has also tried to make sharia compliant laws. The Pakistan army's motto is "Jihad in the name of Allah" among other things. The militants who are attacking the Pakistani army are also fighting jihad in the name of Allah.

Either the Pakistani army has to feel that they are wrong, or the militants/Taliban have to accept they are wrong. Unfortunately "wrong" and "right" are decided on the basis of what Islamic texts say. The good Muslim is supposed to lead his day to day life as the Prophet Mohammad did. The texts say that a beard is necessary for men, but no moustache. Women must be covered up. No secular school for women (no math, science). These laws are followed in full by the Taliban/militants. It is the Pakistan army that has Jihad as its motto that is faking it. The soldiers are clean shaven, officers wives are uncovered meat and educated. They hobnob with and support the Americans.

When you pick up a Pakistan army recruit from a poor area of Pakistan and make him a secular clean shaven soldier to protect the mem sahibs who walk about with exposed arms and necks and then demand that he should shoot and kill bearded ones who shout "Allah ho Akbar" and keep their women fully covered and subservient sooner or later that soldier is going to ask himself whether he represents Islam better than the men he is shooting at. It is a different matter fighting filthy kafirs like Indian and western armies in Afghanistan. The clean shaven Pakistan soldier is convinced that he represents islam better than the unbelievers. And Kiyani keeps saying that India is the main enemy and it is claimed that the Indians, US and Jews are behind the Taliban

That is where the Pakistan army is now. they cannot fight the Taliban except at long range - using artillery and aircraft or getting the US to use drones. Hence no one gets caught. When you train an army to fight anyone who is not a Muslim and claim that the hordes next door in India are not just any enemy but a special enemy who is out to destroy your faith, it gets difficult to fight someone who claims his faith is purere than yours. That Taliban hold an ideological upper hand and no Pakistani will admit this.
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